Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day to Rich and Don!


Late morning and leisurely breakfast aboard the Askrigg today.  We plan to spend all day messing around this area and then take off in the late afternoon.  We aren’t going to motor far today – just out of town and moor about an hour away from the base to return the boat tomorrow.

After breakfast we go into town to find a coffee shop with wifi so we can do a bit of catching up.


We re-convene after noon and share some lunch treats that were purchased in town.  As soon as we start opening packages for lunch, the ducks arrive and surround our boat.  These buggers are smart!

This one actually climbed aboard:


After lunch we decided to make the 1.5 mile trek to Horseshoe Falls.  It is an absolutely gorgeous walk along the River Dee.

At the “falls” there are kayakers and inflatable boats that people paddle over the falls.  We enjoy watching all the action.




It is time to head back and prepare our boat to move on.  Rich maneuvers the Askrigg expertly for the big turn around in the marina and we are on our way out of Llangollen. Katie and I walk on ahead to alert Rich and Don of any oncoming boat traffic.  We end up walking all the way to our mooring spot near the Sun Trevor pub – about 2 miles down the canal.

I catch a glimpse of the beautiful Llangollen Golf Club and wish we had the time to make a stop.  Maybe next time…


Katie makes a new canal friend

We moor up for the evening along with several other boats that probably will be visiting the Sun Trevor Pub this evening.

Walking up to the Sun Trevor Pub

The pub is bustling with a tour bus crowd when we arrive, but the leave very shortly thereafter (thank Heaven).  We sit in the window and immediately strike it up with a great couple (Brian and Jennifer) who have been on the canal for 5 weeks.


Soon other canal friends show up and join in.

It is a shame that we don’t know how to have fun…

The highlight of the evening was meeting our server, Nile.  Nile is a 15 year old boy from the area who was an absolute joy to interact with.  He was a very professional server with the cutest accent and grin that won our hearts.  After he told us about his upcoming trip to New York with family, we tipped him generously in US dollars and his grin got even larger!

We love Nile!

After dinner we make the short walk downhill to the Askrigg for the night.  We have to say goodbye to the Dee Valley, the canal and the Askrigg tomorrow.



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