Finally Getting to See Our Girl!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


First order of the day is laundry and we have a ton of it.  Thank Heaven I have brought my huge suitcase with my “other” wardrobe.  Barcelona is warm and I certainly can’t wear the same clothes I wore in Ireland and Wales. (right, Rich?)

Janel is working today so we lounge around before time to meet her for lunch.


When we get hungry we decide to venture out into the “hood.” and rustle up some breakfast. It is easy to find a little bar and have a cortado (coffee with milk) and a croissant.

Further wandering brings us to the local mercado where I buy an aceitera to replace the one I broke at home.


Further wandering inside the mercado leads us to a little bar where we have a little snack of boquerones (fried anchovies) and grilled eggplant (yum).

We have no set plans for the afternoon and begin to walk down towards the more touristic section of Barcelona.  We are on the lookout for some artwork for our new blank walls (from the kitchen remodel).  Maybe we can find something here.

Finally time to meet Janel and Isam for a late lunch – we are so excited to see them! We are running a bit late and when we get close Isam comes out on the street to meet us.  “Hey – I recognize that guy!”



After a nice, long, late lunch we all coffee-up and then decide we need a little siesta before meeting our dinner reservation at 9:00 tonight.

Janel has made reservations at a place she has been wanting to dine – Con Gracia – very close to her (and our) apartment.  We gussy up a bit and head out.


The first stop is at a really neat little bar for un copa de cava.  We snag what is absolutely the perfect perch – a table that is half inside and half outside.  Love it!


Con Gracia is our next stop.  It is a small restaurant that is very welcoming and intimate.  Of course, we decide not to decide and order the Chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings.  We didn’t take many photos so that we could concentrate on the food and each other. Let’s just say it was AWESOME.

This was a fantastic evening.  We loved re-connecting and enjoying a fantastic meal together.  It is quite late when we walk home and poor Janel has to get up for work tomorrow.  Fortunately, we can sleep in as long as we wish.



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