Walking and Biking Barcelona

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Once again, we have a nice, leisurely morning at our apartment in Barcelona.  We coffee, blog, catch up on news and snooze.  Then, off to brunch at Mama’s Cafe (I was here back in March and loved it).

Rich wants/needs a haircut.  There were a couple of barbershops close to home.  We choose one and Rich speaks Spanish to the barber hoping that he will be understood.

This guy is a super pro and does a fantastic job.  I am thinking that Rich is looking more and more like my friend, Tony Bourdain.  Muy guapo! (Of course, he IS a “beautiful man”)



We mess around walking all over town.  No great art sightings for our home, but walking around Barcelona is always beautiful.

When it was time to turn around we were both getting a bit hungry.  Not quite the kind of hunger where you can’t take it anymore and are getting annoyed with absolutely everything (known as “hAngry”), but a bit peckish nonetheless.  Then, of course I had to pee.  We walked and walked and I was getting annoyed with absolutely everything.  We both decided that I was “PAngry…”  Anyway, we finally made a pitstop for me and then proceeded to find a nice place to grab a piece of fish – just what we needed.

We got a kick out of this restaurant’s name – “El Glop”

Back home for a quick rest before meeting Janel and Isam.  We are heading out for late tapas with some of their friends.  I had met their friends last time I was here and really enjoyed them.  The four of us walk back down towards the Gothic Quarter where we were earlier today.  The evening is gorgeous and it is a nice walk.

Our balcon is just above the flag
The beautiful cathedral half-it in the evening

Tonight we end up at a tapas bar called “Sensi.”  When we arrive and tell them we have a reservation, they inform us that there are 4 restaurant Sensis!  We are at the wrong one.  The server walks us (and another whole group) down the street to the correct place.


Soon the group of friends join us and we have a huge table of 7 persons.  A bunch of tapas are ordered to share and we have a great time eating and talking.  The huge Brexit vote is tomorrow and we are all very curious to see how it will end up.

 Nobody in this group knows how to have fun.  What a pity…

The evening ends with hugs all around.  Janel and Isam have a wonderful group of friends – Andreu, Marta, Estel and Alba (sorry for any misspellings). They are very lucky.


Marta grabs a Citi bike to ride home:


This sparks an idea.  Hey – maybe Rich and Isam can ride home?  Janel loans Rich her bike card and he and Isam choose bikes.  What a cool idea!

Janel and I wave goodbye and jump into a taxi.  I am sure they will have a great time riding on this beautiful evening. “See you at home!”





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