Fireworks in Barcleona!

Thursday, June 23, 2016 Rich is not feeling well this morning. He has a sore throat and is coming down with something.  Bummer. I go out and get him a coffee and a tortilla (Spanish tortilla is an egg dish sort of like a quiche without the crust).  I leave him be and head out into the city alone.

First stop – breakfast at Onna Cafe.  A quiche and a cortado sets me up:


I am still on the lookout for artwork for our new walls at home.  I remember passing a store last night that Janel said was cool.  It is an antique poster/book store.  Looks promising. I go in and have a look.  There are tons of old posters that are both colorful and interesting.  I am definitely intrigued and snap some photos for Rich to check out.

I will drag Rich back down here when we return from Majorca next week.  Onward to the Gothic Quarter where the promise of more antique shops await.  I stop in one gallery and find a couple of interesting paintings.  This one is evocative of a Spanish bar scene:


I just can’t stand it.  Everytime I see this catedral I have to snap a photo.

An intriguing shop draws me in. La Basilica Galeria is filled with tons of cool items.  I am immediately drawn to these trays hanging on the walls.  They are painted with various animals in stately poses. I love them.

Before heading back to the apartment I pop into La Boqueria just to check it out.  La Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona and has a fantastic array of products to browse.  I have been here several times before and probably don’t need to go again.  But, after all, it is the place where I spotted my friend (Tony Bourdain) several years agao.  Who knows?  He may be wandering around again today.

Upon entering the Boqueria, the first place you see is Bar Pinotxo – an awesome (and very, very busy) bar.  Janel and I have eaten here before.  I am sure there are no empty seats, but I spy one around the corner and grab it.

This is the perfect spot to grab a little bite.  I order the garbanzos with morcilla (blood sausage) and a copa de cava.  Perfect lite lunch.

Time to head back and see how Rich is doing. It is a long, hot walk home.  I am proud to navigate to our apartment without needing to consult a map!

Rich is not doing any better and wants to stay in tonight.  He tells me to go ahead and go out with Janel and Isam.  He will invest in tomorrow.  We will be flying to Majorca and he really wants to feel better for that.  I volunteer to go to a local Vietnamese place and get him some food.  I bring back some Pho and Chicken Curry which I believe hit the spot.


Tonight Janel/Isam and I are going to try to hit up Quimet y Quimet.  This is not the same as the Quimet Bodega that Rich and I went to.  Q y Q is a tiny bar that is very popular with locals and tourists alike.  We believe we will have to wait, but take the chance anyway since I have been wanting to go there.

When I step out into my street I see that it has been blocked off and there are preparations for some huge celebration.  Turns out it is the Festival of Sant Joan which coordinates with the Summer Solstice.  Fireworks are involved.  Great.

We taxi to the Poble Sec neighborhood and as we are walking around there are random blasts of firecrackers.  I was already warned by my server at Bar Pinotxo that we should wear long pants tonight because people throw firecrackers all night on the sidewalks!  I hope we are not out late enough for that to be a big problem.

When we find Quimet y Quimet it looks to be strangely quiet.  Oh.  It is CLOSED for the holiday.  Bummer.


Janel whips out her phone and checks 4Square.  It leads us to ManoRota Restaurante. She has been here before and says it is great.  We luck out and snag the only empty table.


Mano Rota is fantastic!  Their menu is full of small surprises and we enjoy every course.  Could this be better than Q y Q?

We missed Rich tonight and went home to check on him.  When we turned on to my street the party was in full swing complete with firecrackers and what sounded like bombs blasting right under our window!  Omg.  I hope our earplugs are extra strong.




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