Charting New Territory

Friday, June 24, 2016

We have to use our alarm today to get up early for our flight to the island of Majorca (Mallorca in Catalan).  We are all excited for a different venue.  Once again, we are flying the local airline – Vueling.  It is Rich’s favorite (lol).  We lounge, cafe, snack, blog and await our 30 minute flight.

The flight is super short and I nap the entire way.  When I awoke we were in a whole new world.  Our rental car is secured from Hertz and we have all agreed that Isam will be our driver.  Rich is still not feeling 100% and Isam knows all the Spanish signs etc.  Our stuff is loaded in our Minerva and we zoom off to Establiments and our Airbnb.

In planning where to stay I proposed several Airbnbs to Janel.  There were a couple on the water and then one was an inland “estate” that was composed of several houses, lots of land and a pool.  We chose that one – Els Sestadors. Els Sestadors is “located in a Majorcan property that has belonged during many generations to the same family, taking care and keeping it until nowadays. The actual owner, conserving the spirit of her ancestors, has recuperated and restored with affection one part of this great “Possessió” dated back to the XVI century.”  It is sort of a wild card choice for us and I am hoping we will love it.

Ok.  This place is amazing!  We are the only people in this huge and beautiful estate surrounded by many types of trees (including many cacti like at home), olive groves, and sheep.  It is fantastic.  Our house – Aloe – is a wonderful stone structure with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living area, kitchen, two patios and great views of the Sierra de Tramuntana (mountain range).  There are great French doors that can be opened up to let the breezes flow in.

We might just be able to be happy here.

Since we took the early flight from Barcelona, we have plenty of time to enjoy the entire afternoon on the island.  Janel searches for some ideas, contacts folks she knows from Mallora and comes up with a destination for lunch and the afternoon – the beach Cala Deia. We are off.

Parking close to the beach is somewhat of a nightmare, but Isam is cool and patient.  We finally find a spot.

It takes several people to help park in these tight spots!

The beach at Deia is small, but spectacular.

There is a fantastic looking restaurant that is super crowded, but appears to be worth the wait.  We put our name in and are told we would have a table in about an hour.  Good thing – we are starting to get hungry.  We mess around lounging on the beach until we think our table might be ready.


Back up the steps to Ca’s Petro Mach to check on our table. It has been about 45 minutes.  There are lots and lots of folks still waiting on the landing for a table.  People are mooring their yachts and coming here to eat.  Why didn’t we make reservations?  Everyone is getting antsy and hungry – including us.  We wait.  And we wait.  Rich is ready to leave – it has now been almost 2 hours and we are getting hAngry.  Then, Janel comes up with a brilliant idea.  She pushes her way to the bar (literally) and secures 4 beers.  Amazing how much better we feel…


Finally our table is ready.  (I sure hope this will be worth the 2 hour wait). When our server shows up I am not sure when we will see him again so I order a bottle of cava (Recaredo!) AND a bottle of rose wine.  I want to be sure we are covered.  We have already determined that we plan to sit here for a long, long lunch.


The ordering of lunch is left up to Janel and Isam.  They are great at choosing a wonderful variety of dishes to share and today is no exception. They order the grilled sole, grilled Amberjack, escalivada (a Catalun specialty of mixed grilled vegetables, fritters of whitebait, olives, etc. Yep.  Definitely worth the wait!



We had an absolute fishy feast and enjoyed everything.  This late lunch (4:30) thing is not so bad after all. Do we want postre (dessert)?  Sure we do!



After a bottle of cava and a bottle of rose, we realize it is a good thing that Isam is driving (he only had a tiny taste of cava).


Obviously, it is a good thing that I am NOT driving… (thanks for the flattering photo, Janel)

Before going all the way back home, we make a stop in Palma to pick up a few things to snack on and to have for breakfast tomorrow morning.

It is early evening by the time we arrive back at Es Sestadors. – pool time.

We stay out by the pool for a while, listening to the sheep’s bells and “baa-ing” in the field behind us.  What a great sound – we may need to record it to take back home.

It has been a great intro to Majorca and the fogies (me and Rich) are beat.  We turn in early, leaving the late night snacks for Isam and Janel.  It is so quiet here that I know the sleeping will be primo.  We plan to sleep late and arise to fix a wonderful breakfast to enjoy together.




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