Recovery in Barcelona

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rich had another difficult night with coughing, hacking etc.  He wants to go to the pharmacy this morning to see if he can get something to help.  Pharmacies here are almost like a mini-clinic.  They can even prescribe antibiotics. Rich does a great job telling the technician his symptoms.  She types on her computer using Google Translate to make sure she is prescribing the correct medicine – very helpful.  He ends up with some packets of a vile powder to be mixed with water.

I am starving (of course) and it is well into lunch time. I want to find Plaza Gracia where there are several restaurants with outside tables. I had previously checked online and scoped out the one where I would like for us to eat – Las Euras. We find a table, order a couple of cervesas and a glass of water for Rich to mix with his powder potion. It looks disgusting.



Las Euras has a Menu del Diaro (a Menu of the Day with several choices for starter, main and dessert – comes with a drink). We peruse the choices and don’t quite understand them all. I know enough to be dangerous. For a starter I choose the zucchini wrapped around Baccalao (cod) and Rich has the Ensalata (Rice Salad with boiled egg, tuna and 1000 Island dressing). My starter is awesome. Rich also loves his.

For our second course, Rich chooses the Chicken Cutlet. I choose what I think is some kind of pork chop (Higado de Ternera…). When it arrives it looks like a lovely, thin grilled piece of meat. Then I taste it. OMG. It is grilled liver (higado)! I am at first shocked because it was unexpected. Then, I LOVED it (good think I like liver). This was a happy mistake.

Liver – yummy!

I want to show Rich the antique poster place I found last week and think I can lead us straight there. We walk. And walk. Have we gone too far? How in the heck could I have missed it? It is just a straight shot down Pau Claris. When we almost reach the Catedral I know we have gone too far. This navigating is exasperating for me. Just when I think I have it down, I don’t. Rich is exasperated with me – he doesn’t feel well and has zero energy for messing around. We backtrack and find the place. I hadn’t recognized it because their gates were down being closed for siesta. Oh well. Back home we go – this was a bust.

The entire afternoon is shot. Rich needs to rest so we chill out at home until Janel gets back from work. She has already asked me to go to the gym with her at 6:00pm. I am actually not looking forward to it after the huge hike in Mallorca and all the walking already today. But I know it is something I should do. I have gone with her to her trainer, Mark previously and really like him.

Janel and I gym. I feel more energized after going so it was a good decision. When I return home, Rich is feeling a bit better and is ready to join us for dinner tonight. We are going to give Quimet y Quimet another try. (We tried to get in last week and it was closed for the Festival de Sant Jaume). Hopefully we will have better luck tonight.

We taxi to Quimet and voila! It is open and not too packed. Evidently, from what I have read, this place can be a zoo. It is super, super tiny and only room to stand at a counter or little bar table to eat. The atmosphere is great!

Folks are packed around the bar. We grab a menu – it is all tapas and small plates that sound delicious. Isam makes a list on his phone of things we would like to order and snakes his way up to the bar. Being Spanish, he knows the protocol. If Rich and I came by ourselves, we probably would not even be able to order.

Isam shows the server behind the bar where we are standing (I managed to snag the perfect standing up table – I am very good at staking out a claim). I am thinking there is no way she will know where we are and there is no way we will know when our food is ready. Wrong. They know. The “bartenders” look over at you, call out your item and hand it over the bar and people. You grab quickly and start munching. It looks like chaos, but tastes like Heaven.

Isam storms up to the bar

Everything we tried was mind-blowing. Why have we never been here before? I definitely want to put this on the list to come again.

About midway through our feast Rich begins to really go downhill. I think it was the combination of taking one more powder (probably a little too soon) and a couple glasses of wine. Too bad. We finish up and taxi back. Rich is put to bed. Janel, Isam and I still want a little something sweet. Janel whips out her foursquare app and finds a little place right in our neighborhood – Biciolo (Bike Cafe).

This little spot is great. They have a few desserts to choose from – we order the Lemon Tart and the cheesecake to share along with a couple of copas of cava (say that fast).


We sit and chat until Isam finally bugs out. Janel and I remain for a bit longer chatting about life and love.


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