Surfin’ the Kittocks

Friday, May 26, 2017

We awaken to another beautiful day in St. Andrews.  What do you mean it rains all the time in Scotland?  All we have seen is sunshine.

The gorgeous Fairmont St. Andrews

A bit of jet lag is still lingering ( I woke at 3am), but we are fighting it and pressing onward.

Diligently working on this blog

Breakfast at The Fairmont is business as usual.  We are in a bit more of a hurry today and can’t linger.  The Kittocks Course at the Fairmont (lovingly referred to as “The Buttocks” course by us) is waiting for our 9:50 tee time.

When we get to the Kittocks there is a surprise waiting for Rich.


The young kid from the Pro Shop shows us how “easy” they are to operate and then we take a spin.  The golfboards operate much like a skateboard (of which neither of us has ever ridden) and have a little “go” lever.  To stop you simply let off the lever.  To turn you shift your weight and lean.  Sounds easy?  Well… they are not quite intuitive for us old fogies, but we do get used to them and have a ball zipping about.


20170526_033017The Kittocks Course is beautiful (more than it’s sister – Torrance) and we enjoy the layout along the water.  Both of us play decent and even when we don’t the golfboards keep us interested!

My ball went down there?

Awesome course and great choice on the golfboards.  Unfortunately, we must now depart St. Andrews and see a wee bit more of Scotland. Before we make serious tracks to our next destination there is one thing on our minds – LUNCH!  We have been told by several locals that we must go south to Anstruther for the best fish and chips on the planet.  Done. We ask Amber at the Kittocks for which specific fish and chip shop to go to and she does not hesitate to recommend Anstruther Chip Shop.  Evidently it has won many awards for fish and chips.

A pretty quick 15 minute drive and 10 minute getting lost in town brings us to Anstruther where we easily walk around the harbor to find our Chippie.


There is only one choice – the special Fish and Chips plus two beers.  We eagerly await our feast.


Oh man. We are not really fish and chip aficionados, but this is off the charts.  The coating is super light and crispy and the fish is absolutely fresh.  We polish it off with no problem.

Our destination for the next couple of days is Gleneagles Resort in Auchterader about an hour and a half away.  The most difficult part of the trip was getting out of St. Andrews.  For such a small town the traffic is a nightmare.  We later learned that Barrack Obama was at St. Andrews today playing golf!  No wonder traffic was tied in knots.  Wonder it he went next to Trump’s Turnberry course.  Hmmm…

We made it to Gleneagles with nary a problem and were sufficiently stunned when we drove up to the entrance.

Wow. This place is legit

The Gleneagles is a true “Country Resort” and has many activities for guests. While here you can shoot clay pigeons, learn falconry, work with a Gun Dog, practice your horsemanship, go biking, play tennis, learn to tame a ferret (seriously), play croquet/lawn bowling, hit up the spa or swim. Oh – of course you can also golf.

We are greeted warmly at reception by the kilted doorman. Everything here is very traditional. Love it. Our room is in the Baird house and we were told that unfortunately we can’t be given an upgrade (since we booked through Amex Fine Hotels) because they are completely full. However, we are informed that our particular Estate Room is one of the best.


We are a bit concerned that we are here on a bank holiday therefore, the hotel is full. Evidently a lot of Brits come over here for a holiday weekend. We cross our fingers that there won’t be herds of children running amok.

Just as we are settling in Rich heard the sound of bagpipes wafting up to our balcony. I ran out to look and sure enough there was a wee lad dressed in full regalia piping away. I ran down to take a closer look.




Complimentary bicycles are available at the hotel for guest to take spins around the huge property. We locate a couple of beauties and take off. The grounds are stunning.

Somehow we ended up at the golf clubhouse bar. Riding makes one thirsty.


On our way from the room I noticed the pool so we decide to go for a dip. When we got to the outside hot tub we both notice there is a parent and child using the tub. Hmmm – not a good sign.

You mean they let children in here?

By the time we got changed (in the Adults Only locker rooms) and made our way to the huge indoor heated pool, we were the only ones there. Sweet. The water feels great and we paddle and float around for a while. Then we make our way outside to the large hot pool. It is fantastic! There are buttons all over the place that turn on different jets and waterfalls when pushed.

By now it is getting late – around 9:00 – and we haven’t yet had dinner. This business of staying light until almost 11:00 really messes with you. Neither of us wants a huge meal. The new Birnam Brasserie looks just right.  A Charcuterie plate plus a cheese plate sounds perfect. One bottle of Alsace white wine later and we are ready to call it a day.

We are crossing our fingers that the beautiful weather will hold out again for tomorrow when we will be playing the onsite King’s Course.


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