Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy 36th Anniversary to us!

Rich gave me a sweet card and an itty bitty “happy” for our anniversary!

It was so peaceful here in Kilberry last night that I think we could have slept right on through the morning.  However, breakfast is between 8:30-9:30 and after we saw how David does dinner we did not want to miss breakfast.  We manage to roll out and show up around 9:20.

Both of us order the Full Kilberry breakfast.  They really believe in breakfast here and they really, really believe in MEAT.


One more time before we leave David pulls out the putter and golf balls.  Rich and I quickly sink OUR first 2 and David keeps trying.


It is so nice here that we would love to spend a few days.  However, I tell David that my Mom always says “We have to go so we can come back.”We have loved our stay here and tell David that when we return we will stop by and pick him up to helicopter out to a golf course together.

Goodbye to the Wee Bar at the Kilberry Inn

Our goal for today is to make it to Edinburgh where we will return our car at the airport, bus into town, check in our hotel and go have a pub dinner.  I have chosen a very scenic drive to get there.  The drive will be our entertainment for the day and will take us near Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.  To see our route click HERE.

Wow.  Just wow.  The scenery along this route is incredible.



A much needed rest stop calls and we answer:

20170531_144303Evidently we have discovered Cruachan – “Here, a short distance from Oban, you can discover one of the hidden wonders of the Highlands. A power station buried one kilometre below the ground. At its centre lies a massive cavern, high enough to house the Tower of London! Here enormous turbines convert the power of water into electricity, available to you in your home at the flick of a switch.”  Who knew?  Rich would like to take the underground tour by I am feeling “meh.”  So instead we take a scone and coffee break.


Two old fogies with their reading glasses?

Back on the road we continue winding our way to Edinburgh where we will spend the night. Rich has become a pro at driving on the left and I am doing a not too shabby job of navigation.  I have definitely improved my skills but it still gives me a headache!

We decided to drop our car at the airport and take the bus into town.  That will save the hassle of trying to drive (and park) in the city.  Turns out to be a great decision.  The bus is an easy connection and smooth ride into the city.  It stops right across from our hotel.


The Rutland Hotel is situated on Edinburgh’s West End.  I chose it because it’s location is supposed to be close to the Edinburgh Castle and I thought it might be an interesting sight. We only have one night here and don’t really plan on seeing anything in particular.  We just want to get a bit of a feel for the place and have a nice pub dinner before taking off in the morning.


The Rutland is perfect and we have an awesome room:


The view is great:

Looking directly at the castle (behind the church) upon the hill!


through the other windows to the city down below

Some mild shenanigans take place in the corridor and lobby:



We asked the receptionist where we should go for an authentic pub experience.  She directs us to the Queen’s Arms pub a short walk away.  It is a beautiful evening and we enjoy seeing a tiny speck of the city.  Lots of people out and about.


We search and search to try and find the pub.  The “X” she marked on the map is not correct.  We finally pop into a Starbucks (!) and get directions.  The barista doesn’t seem quite certain so we also pop into a hotel and ask.  She actually looks it up online for us and gives directions. Turns out everyone was incorrect. A couple of blocks later we see the pub.


This place is hopping, but we find a nice table for two and settle in.  After ordering a couple of beers we take a gander at the menu and find out we have hit the jackpot.  It is Wednesday night and:

I told you Scots love MEAT

Yes.  We order the MEAT plate.  But wait.  Our server asks if we want the “Meat Special” or the regular “Meat Plate.”  We ask for the difference.  Turns out someone has ordered the Wednesday Meat Special and it is passing right by our table.  We are instructed to look and see a plate of chips (french fries) topped with a couple of HUGE sausages.  It looks amazing, but we just had sausages for breakfast.  The regular Meat Plate has a duck breast salad, some steak, some lamb and Haggis Lollipops.  Yes. Please.

I think we will be happy with this…
Haggis lollipop

We chow down.  The Haggis Lollipops are especially tasty.  We are going to miss our Haggis. I fear we will go into a meat coma,

Another wonderful day in Scotland and we are pretty certain that we would love to return.  We walk back to our hotel and call it a night.  Tomorrow we will be traveling to Barcelona and will get to see our girl!  What could be better?


Goodnight, Edinburgh

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