Which Way to the Beach?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

With no set plans for today we thought it might be a good day to explore some of Vis’ “hidden” beaches.


One must have breakfast before beaching it so we walk down into town to find a little cafe for coffee and a nibble.

Then a bit of grocery store “tourism.” (Are we the only ones who love this?)


There are lots of exciting and strange items to be found.  We are especially intrigued with this one:


We find a possible beach candidate on the map and head off in search of Srebrna Beach. This map HERE gives you a little idea of where we are.  We stayed in the town of Vis proper.

Once again we drive past scenery that is unbelievably beautiful.



Our navigator (Janel) expertly guides us to Srebrna. We park and follow the trail that at times leads us through the bushes and brambles.

The hike was worth it in the end.


We find ourselves on an almost deserted gorgeous beach.  I stretch out in the shade while Rich and Janel attempt a water entry.


I am including this photo because I have been constantly ridiculed for my admitted lack of photography skills. Obviously, I did NOT snap this photo and obviously, there is a FINGER in this picture…

When we entered the path down to Srebrna we noticed that there was an arrow pointing the opposite direction to another beach and a supposed “beach grill.”  Out here?  In the middle of nowhere.  We must investigate.

What is this? An oasis?

We find ourselves at Teplus – the neighboring beach.  It just happens to be even more beautiful and has the Diamond Beach Restaurant on it.  Are we hungry?  We could be.

A shaded perch is snagged and we order up 3 Karlos and a couple of nibbles.


Wait. Is that our yacht out there?


A few yachts in the know pull up and join the “crowd.”  This is definitely a secret place and we are so pleased with ourselves at discovering it.


The rest of the afternoon is spent here relaxing at the bar, people watching and then going for a dip (well, at least Janel and Rich got in the water!)


There is still another beach in the area – Bili Bok.  It is a naturalist beach.  Rich lobbies to go there.


We finally drag ourselves away and return to our little home in Vis to nap and refresh before dinner. Tonight we are going to Roki’s for dinner.  Rocki’s is in the middle of the island in the vineyard country.  It is supposed to be a place that serves the very local specialty of Peka cooking.  A Peka is a cooking vessel that is placed on the grill and the ingredients are slowly cooked.  They have a choice of lamb, fish, or octopus.  You must order ahead because each dish takes several hours to prepare.  Wonder which one we have pre-ordered?

The drive to Rocki’s at sunset is awesome.  The photos do not even begin to do it justice.

At Roki’s we are greeted by a very enthusiastic young man who insists that we come and see the grill and cooking process.  We eagerly follow him to see several pekas cooking away on the huge grill.



The chef arrives to show us which one is ours.

Look what we are having for dinner:

That’s right! We are having the Octopus. Gotta love the pulpo.

We order a bottle of Roki’s white wine and settle in for our feast.

The octopus arrives and we are out of wine.  OMG  What do we do now?  We order a bottle of Roki’s Rose of course.



The octopus is outstanding.  Dare we say it is better than the chargrilled pulpo at our beloved Quimet in Barcelona?  It is definitely more tender – melts in your mouth.  As usual we close up the joint.


Tomorrow we must leave Vis and continue down south towards Dubrovink.  We have loved our stay on Vis and but are looking forward to more adventures in the next couple of days.


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