Lazy Last Day in Spain

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ahhh – a blissful day to sleep in and take it easy. We need to re-charge in order to be ready to travel to Iceland tomorrow. Since Janel and Isam are working we will just hang around the house and relax.

We have coffee in the apartment (thankfully), but I do manage to make my way out and walk a couple of blocks to a Forn de Pan (bakery) to pick up a couple of pieces of Tortilla (Spanish Tortilla is kind of like a baked omelet with eggs, onions and potatoes) and some croissants.


This is where Rich spent most of the day (writing his blog post):

Comfy in the warm living room

This is where I spent most of the day (because the A/C unit is in here!):

Comfier in the icy A/C bedroom
My savior

We were both very happy.

Re-organizing for Iceland – putting away the tank tops and putting in the long johns!

I did go out one more time to pick up the dress that I purchased last week. The alterations were done and it is perfect. So happy that I found it! Obviously, no photos.

Around 4:30 we finally both head out to meet Janel at her workplace – The Book of Everyone. (look it up on We manage to successfully navigate the metro and streets of the Poble Nou neighborhood to find it.


Her workplace is a great British start-up company that employees bright, creative persons. She fits in beautifully. We are very impressed with the vibe in the office. Looks like a fun and productive place to work. Very high energy.


We were lucky to meet up with a few of her co-workers (including a couple of the founders) for beers at a British-type pub close by. Over a beer or two I think the group managed to solve at least of few world’s problems.


Back to Janel’s Gracia neighboorhood to have a “simple” dinner at Janel’s place. Rich and Janel stopped at the Mercado for a few items and Isam had made a stop at a specialty place to pick up even more awesomeness.

” but we20170615_201302

I brought over our new bottle of Sparkling wine from Croatia.  (It turned out to be just “okay” but we are glad to have tried it.


Janel and Isam truly pulled out all the stops for this tapas dinner. Isam can set a mean table and this one was laden with wonderful Spanish treats and French cheeses. We had outstanding Jamon, Lomo and Fuet (all Spanish cured meats) along with several fantastic cheeses and Pan con Tomate (the ubiquitous Catalan favorite of bread rubbed with olive oil, garlic and tomato). There were huge Italian olives (Janel’s favorites), fresh figs (which I had never tried before), Caviar from Norway, Foie with Truffle (omg), outrageously delicious anchovies and super great chorizo with honey. Yes, it was too much. And Yes we enjoyed it ALL!




Wedding plans were cussed and discussed – so many great ideas! Rich and I are delighted to see happy Janel and Isam are and how great they work together. We have no doubt they will build a wonderful life together.

Our flight leaves early tomorrow morning – 7:10am. We must leave our apartment by 4:45. This part of the trip is always the most difficult. Leaving our girl. But it must be done. As I have relayed many times before, my mom always says “You have to leave so that you can come back.”




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