From Good (Provo) to “Evel”

Saturday, July 29, 2017   463 miles

We wake in Provo and are ready to get out of Dodge.  Breakfast will wait for a bit while we make some tracks.  Rich scopes out a cafe north of Salt Lake City in the little town of Layton.  When he directs me there and we pull in I realize it is the same cafe that I had been looking at before we left Provo.  Unbelievable.


I am not sure how or why Rich picked out Sill’s cafe, but I know why I chose it.  The reviews said the scones were amazing.  I am picturing a beautiful, flaky, British style scone maybe with some fresh strawberry jam.  Yum.

When we enter Sills our hearts drop.  There is a mob of folks waiting for tables.  I persevere and step in to see if they have counter seating.  We are in luck – the counter has one free stool and one guy beside it getting ready to pay the bill.  I rush back out to tell Rich and he is already on his phone looking for another restaurant.  I tell him to get in right away and he does.  Score! (Later Rich realizes that I may have scooted directly through the line to snag the seats and he feels bad.  However, the sign clearly stated that when your entire party has arrived you may find any open table.  Can I help it if those in line can’t read?)

Of course we order a scone (to share) and I also order oatmeal while Rich chooses ham and eggs.  The scone arrives first and I am shocked to say the least!


Apparently, in Utah scones are more like a huge hunk of Indian Fry Bread – basically deep fried dough – covered with a huge mound of honey butter!  Was it good?  What do you think?  Wow! Good thing we shared.

Crowd waiting to get in

Many miles to go after breakfast.  The drive is not bad.  When we cross into Montana the speed limit is 80 mph so we really make tracks through the plains.

Big Sky country

The Comfort Inn in Butte, Montana awaits us.  We arrive around 5:00pm and check in.  When we ask the receptionist for a quiet room she looks at her buddy and says with a smirk “tonight??” What in the world is going on in Butte tonight?  She explains that we have arrived directly into the middle of “Evel Knievel Days!!” Yep.  Evel was born right here in Butte. There is a festival in town with roaring motorcyles, food trucks, and plenty of rednecks.  Great. She tells us we should go uptown and check it out especially around 7:00 when a “razor will be doing a ramp jump.”  (we didn’t even ask what a razor was…)

Rich and I figure that town is going to be jumpin’ and we had better head out for an early dinner.  I make a little detour for a bit at the workout room for a quick session and then we are off to Sparky’s Garage for a burger. We notice on the way that almost every restaurant and convenience store also has a little casino.  Very strange.

Sparky’s looks cool and it is very close to the action of the festival. We may have to check it out after dinner.

Sparky’s Garage

A couple of beers, a split Caesar and a split mushroom burger make a great dinner.  The food is actually very good and our server is super.  She tells us we absolutely must go a few blocks up and check out the action at the festival so off we go.

The crowd is perfect people watching and we show up just in time to see the last few stunt motorcyclists performing tricks up a steep ramp.  Looks like we came right at the time of the finale.


The grand finale will be the razor attempting to do a flip off the steep ramp.  Now we understand that a “razor” is a type of little jeep thingy.  The announcer gets everyone jazzed up and off he goes up the ramp at top speed!

My view was through the fence

Rich had a much better view and great photo:

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-29 at 7.02.12 PM.jpeg

Pretty exciting stuff and a great way to end our day.  We head back to the Comfort Inn and hope that the motorcycles won’t be roaring through the parking lot all night.


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