One Last Day

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

160 miles

After a relatively quiet night at Walking Eagle, we wake up and have breakfast in Grillers.  It is surprisingly good. Then it is time to head to Pine Hills- Golf Course – about 15 minutes away.

Pine Hills is a beautiful mountain course that has steep tree-lined fairways.  We are both thinking that it will suit my game perfectly. Today we elect to walk with push carts.  Who knew it would be so hilly?  The temps are great, but the walking is brutal.  We needed it for sure after sitting in the car for days.


For the front nine, I hang with Rich and things are going swimmingly. (Remember that I am 1 up after two rounds).


Then we make the turn.  Number 10 is a long par 5 up the hill to a hidden green.  We both are sitting two about 150 yards out (well, Rich is closer) .  You can barely see the pin way up the hill.  I decide all I want to do it get on the green.  I pull out my 3 wood and give her a whack.  The ball goes up the left side and bounces onto the green.  I start to turn away and then we both hear a “whack” as my ball hits the pin! I am hoping it hit and dropped in for an eagle…!

Rich hits his shot and it looks great.  I am sure that he is on the green, but not too close to the hole.  As we both trudge up the hill we are speculating about our relative positions.  When we reach the top I am at first excited to see my ball about 2 feet from the pin.  Then I become quickly deflated as I see Rich’s ball 3 feet out.  He putts first and of course sinks his birdie putt.  My knees were knocking, but I sank my birdie putt as well. What do I have to do to win a hole around here?!

Long story short, Rich tears up the back nine and surges ahead in our match play 11-4 for today and ends up +6 overall.  He had a great round and shot a 77 !  I had a good round, too (88) but not nearly enough to get ahead in our lengthy match.

After golf we stopped at a Subway for a sandwich and a Tim Horton’s for an iced coffee to get us all the way to Edson – a couple more hours.  In Edson we checked into our “flea-bag” hotel – Lakeview Inn.  It actually is not too bad, but certainly is not the Ritz.  It will do for one night.

The rest of the afternoon is devoted to Rich organizing his stuff for his bike trip that will begin tomorrow.  We heard from Jack and Phil.  They both arrived in Calgary and are driving up to Edson to meet with us.

Since the other boys won’t be arriving until later, we go to dinner without them.  We hit up the only decent place in town – Mountain Pizza and Steakhouse.  It was just what we wanted.  Rich had a steak and a Caesar Salad and I had the Caesar and French Onion Soup.


Back to the hotel to wait for Jack and Phil.  We will all take off for Jasper National Park tomorrow where I will dump the boys and go my own way.




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