Goodbye Alberta, Hello British Columbia

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Miles – should be 200; turned out to be 250 plus more hours…

Another beautiful day in Banff – perfect for my second round of golf at the Fairmont.  Breakfast today is light.  I order poached eggs with spinach and salmon from the Bow Valley Grill.

Yes, light.  (I asked for no potatoes).  Took the fruit to the course with me.

Sorry, but the rest of the photos are golf…


Today I am paired up with a really nice couple from Calgary.  I choose to walk again (I know, I know – more punishment.)


I played pretty good again today – not quite as good as yesterday.  One stroke more.  But it was still a fun round.


I absolutely love the way the “Grande Dame” (Fairmont Hotel) shows up on so many of the holes.



After golf I must pack up and head south to Cranbrook.  Thank you for the 4:00pm checkout, Amex.

What should have been simple, relatively short drive turns out to be a marathon.  I checked road conditions before leaving and saw the the highway I need (93) has been re-opened.  It has been closed for 2 days due to smoke.  Great.  My optimism turns dismal as I approach Castle Jct and the turnoff for 93. Big signs let me know that 93 is indeed closed again.  BAH!

This is the route I was planning – and the most direct way to get to Cranbrook.  All the red indicates road closures (disregard the time – this route should be about 3 1/2 hours):

Cranbrook, BC to Banff, AB - Google Maps closed road-1

This is the way I had to go instead:

Cranbrook, BC to Banff, AB - Google Maps-1

Oh well.  I am a bit concerned about Rich and his buddies as well.  I know they are in Lake Louise and are planning to visit Banff tomorrow which should not be a problem.  But the following day I believe they had planned on taking 93 From Banff to Radium Hot Springs.  No can do.  I have been texting him to  let him know of the closures.

I finally make it into Cranbrook at the St Eugene Golf and Casino Resort around 8:00pm. No big dinner plans tonight.  I was so hungry that I stopped at a Subway on the way (feel better, Rich?).  I check in and manage to hit up the casino for a bit.  After about 10 minutes I won $350! (No, I did not come back with $350…).

Tomorrow will thankfully be a late morning.  My tee time at St. Eugene is not only on property, but isn’t until 11:00am.  The plan is to sleep waaaaay in.

Ok – I know this isn’t part of my trip, but I love this photo so much that I decided to include it.  Hey – it’s my blog.  I can put whatever I want in!

Janel and Isam just finished an incredibly hard jigsaw puzzle!

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