Perfect Day at St. Eugene

Sunday, August 6, 2017

1000 miles (walked on golf course!)

Just realized I didn’t post any photos of the St. Eugene Golf resort yesterday because I was too tired to take any pictures when I arrived!  This place really is cool and has a wonderful history tied to the Native American order of the Ktunaxa.  It is on tribal lands and was formerly a mission and a school. “The beautiful Spanish-colonial-styled Resort you see today was once the St. Eugene Mission, a residential school for First Nations youth. Today, we employ approximately 250 people and have become an entertainment destination for people across North America. The owners and associates at St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino are proudly devoted to sharing our First Nations culture as well as the history of our magnificent Resort.”

I would like to take credit for this photo, but I can’t…

Ahhh – a great “lie in” today. Tee time isn’t until 11:00. I decide to have breakfast at the golf course so I can get a feel for the place.  Great choice.


Course looks great and the weather is perfect.  My server was super friendly and chatted with me about golf here and at Shadow Mountain (my next course).  When I went to pay my bill she invited me to join her 4some at 2:30.  Oh man I would love to, but my tee time is 11 and I don’t really want to just wait around.  Loved the invite!

I am finding all over my Canadian travels that folks are super friendly and helpful.  I can’t tell you how many people I have told about “dumping my husband in Jasper to ride his bicycle to Missoula, etc.”  Most cannot believe it an agree that I have the good end of the deal!

Today I am paired up with a great couple from Taber, Alberta.  Is it just me or are there more women golfers in Canada?  Love it.  They are riding and I choose to walk again today.  I think it may get a little warmish (highs predicted in the upper 80’s), but I am really enjoying walking these courses.


Yes those are teepees in the background – purely symbolical

The course is beautiful and well maintained.  I start off with a bang – par, par, birdie!  The couple I am playing with can’t believe it. I tell them the real Linda will show up soon. (but I am hoping not)


I finally duff a shot and the husband says “So you ARE mortal!”  Ha ha.

new friend

For the record – Rich and I are keeping track of the wildlife we have each seen.  So far: Linda – bear, deer, skunk (roadkill), coyote, elk, squirrel (I think that is a fat squirrel?) We are both hoping for the big score of seeing a moose.

Walking is easy on the front and then gets really hilly and long between holes.  This is definitely a workout.

I finish the round with a solid 84 – not bad for a first-timer.  Damn.  I wish Rich was here playing match play with me.  I know I would have kicked his a$$!  I need to keep on this good wave for when we start our game again. Can I possibly hold on?

Tons of geese on the last hole (you know I LOVE the little bastards)

Lunch on the patio is just the thing to round out the day.  I order a local craft beer from Fernie along with Buffalo Sliders.


The sliders were absolutely delicious (with caramelized onions).  I could only eat 2 and saved the other 2 for later.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent poolside, relaxing and relieving my tired feet. This resort is small and has a great chilled out vibe.  The pool scene is very quiet and just what I needed.

No actual dinner tonight (late lunch).  I had a Negroni (my new favorite drink) at the lounge and visited the casino for a bit. Won and loss and had fun.  This casino is blessedly non-smoking, too!

In bed by 10:00 and thinking about golfing Shadow Mountain (15 minutes away) tomorrow.  Then I will motor on another 30miles or so to Kimberley to set up for a nice 3 days of not traveling.


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