Golf? Again?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

12 miles

Good morning, Kimberely

Up and out early – the sun is peeking through the smoky haze here in Kimberley.  I am getting used to it, but would like to see the beauty of this area when it is clear.

Today is a kamikaze golf day – the plan is to play 36 holes (what else am I going to do?) First stop – Trickle Creek Golf Course.


It is early and the course is wet, wet, wet.  No roll here.  It is absolutely stunning, and I can tell would be even more so if the smoke would clear.



I enjoyed the company and had another good round.  There are another 18 scheduled for this afternoon, however I have time for lunch at the Trickle Creek Clubhouse.  Their patio is a perfect setting for a BLT and delicious Cheese/Jalapeno Soup.


Next stop Bootleg Gap Golf Course (10 miles away). I end up being paired with two young guys who try to hit the ball as hard as they can.  I could count the times on one hand that they are in the fairway from their tee shots… BUT – somehow they manage to find their balls almost every time.  I spend a lot of time waiting as they search.



This was kind of a “non-descript” round.  Oh well – they can’t all be spectacular.  Interestingly enough when I was finished I ran into Linda and Mell (with whom I played yesterday) in the parking lot! Linda told me they had been telling my (and Rich’s) story to their playing partners.  She also told me  that they told them that they had played with a “Little Hell-Cat” yesterday!  I took it as a compliment.


Back home to Trickle Creek.  I am beat and decide to stay “home” again tonight.  There is leftover chicken, carrots, hummus and wine in my fridge.  What more do I need?

Rich calls and I am so happy to hear from him.  The boys are having a wonderful ride and are actually only about 60 miles from here.  Close and yet so far…


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