Last Day in Kimberley

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Miles – about 12

Another golf day in Kimberley – ho hum.  Late tee time and probably no walking this course, so I hit up the gym at Trickle Creek.  Feels pretty good.


Breakfast (oatmeal) and coffee in my room then a short drive to Kimberley Golf Club.  This course is unique in that the front nine was built in 1924 for miners in the area.  The back was completed in 1983.  I am given a very warm welcome from the pro shop and paired up with yet another married couple (so unusual – in AZ I am always paired up with 3 men…) Cheryl and Jim.  They are from a place about 3 hour east of here (forgot the name).

The pro shop told me that the back nine (on which we are starting) is really not walk-able, but I can trade for a walking cart for the front if I want to.  The advice is more than correct – the back nine is super-duper hilly.  Way too much to walk even for me!

Right away on our first hole I get really excited to see deer crossing the fairway!



This is another beautiful course, and the smoky haze does not do it justice. I am kind of getting used to it.


I did indeed drop off my electric cart and walk the back (front) nine.  It was fantastic!  At one point as I was leaving a green and rounding the corner I came smack in front of a mama deer and two fawns:

Mama is keeping a careful eye out for her little ones (behind her just off the path)

Kimberley Golf Club was certainly one of the most beautiful in the area and I am so happy that I played it.  Their patio is wonderful as well and I sat and had a beer (Fernie Lone Wolf IPA) and a Ginger Beef Salad.  Perfect.


Back to the room for a little rest and some packing up – tomorrow is driving day.

Since I have not yet gone out for a meal in Kimberley I decided that tonight would be the night.  I end up at the Platzl which is their pedestrian-only street that is lined with shops and restaurants.  It is very cute and great for people watching.


Tonight I end up at the Pedal and Tap Restaurant.  It has a great outside seating area right on the walkway and I choose to wait for a table there.



When I studied the menu I noticed an item that I keep seeing – Mucky Fries.  What the heck?  The Pedal and Tap menu offers an explanation:

Mucky Fries Breakdown


adjective, muck·i·er, muck·i·est.
of or like muck.
filthy, dirty, or slimy.


plural of fry
Informal. Fried potatoes.

muck·y fries

 French Fries covered in mozzaralla, cheddar, maple bacon, green onion and housemade chipotle mayo. Pedal & Tap will muck up your fries.

Did I go for the Muckies?  Nope – just can’t do it. Dinner for me tonight is a BC Poke Bowl – A Hawaiian style poke with soy marinated salmon, sticky rice, cucumber, cabbage, seaweed and crunchy wonton chips.  A glass of BC Wild Goose Riesling completes the meal.  As good as Mucky Fries?  Probably not, but still pretty darn good!


It has been a great 3 day stay in Kimberley and was nice not to be on the move every day.  Tomorrow is a driving only day – about 6 hours to Oliver (west of here).  I am crossing my fingers that I will be moving away from the smoke!


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