Playing the ‘Piper

Saturday, August 12, 2017

30 miles to Sandpiper Golf

72 Miles (felt like 172) to Richmond, BC

All was quiet at the Colonial 900 Motel last night and I had a good sleep.  Up early to make the 45 minute drive to Harrison Mills and the Sandpiper Golf Course. But first a coffee at the Blue Moose in Hope.


As I approached Harrison Mills I began to see signs like “Sasquatch Motel,” Sasquatch Restaurant,” etc.  What??? When I looked it up later I found out The vicinity of Harrison Bay, Harrison Mills and the lower Harrison River is reputed to have the greatest number and density of Sasquatch sightings worldwide. Well, who knew? That would totally explain the hole on the golf course with the Sasquatch Footprint Bunker!

I landed in the “pinky” toe…
Driving in to Sandpiper

Today I must play alone. I am also going to walk and maybe the pace won’t seem quite so slow.


The course runs right along the Harrison River and is quite beautiful.  I take it slow and have a wonderful, serene time enjoying where I am.

Can you read this sign?  “This is an active airstrip – Do Not Enter!”  Crazy because you can see the white tee markers RIGHT THERE!!

All in all a great round – I shot an 83 and am happy with that.  Now I must make the 2+ hour drive to Richmond (near Vancouver).


Before leaving I decide to do a little car shopping:


Take yer pick!

The route to Richmond seems long and quite circuitous.  I think my GPS may be set to some weird setting like “take the route with the most stoplights…”  However, I finally reach Richmond and the River Rock Resort.  The Resort is huge and very busy.

Nice room
Fantastic View – the smoke is definitely clearing!

I am starving and decide to visit the patio for dinner.  The temps are perfect and people-watching is great.  Food ain’t bad, either.


Prosciutto flatbread and a Negroni 

After dinner a visit to the attached casino is calling.  My luck is not good tonight and I am tired anyway.  I turn in early anticipating the trip to Whistler tomorrow.


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