Finally Out of the Smoke!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

91 miles

Awake early and the fitness room at the RiverRock is calling my name. I reluctantly answer the call.


View from the fitness room
Thank Heaven that’s overwith

Heading north to Whistler today – should be about 2 hours, but once again my GPS takes me down the primrose path.  I end up smack in downtown Vancouver.  It is a good thin g it is a Sunday – traffic is bad enough.  This reminds me of when Rich and I made a stop in Vancouver on our way to Alaska.  (You can read about it HERE.)

Where in the hell is that GPS taking me?

When I finally get out of the city (which is a lovely, yet huge city by the way) the road becomes magical.  It is absolutely one of the prettiest drives ever.  Reminds me of the California coast road only 10X better!  Sorry, but photos are impossible with only one person in the car.  You are taking curve after curse and flying past some of the most beautiful coastline and views ever.

These are obviously not my photos:



This is the only photo I snapped (yes, I pulled over at a viewpoint) It is worth noting that the smoke has cleared – at least for today.


Seriously unbelievable. I am thinking it would be a fantastic bicycle trip for Rich – there were several cyclists today.

Richmond, BC to Whistler, BC - Google Maps-1

I truly enjoyed this drive probably the most of all for this trip.  I only wished Rich was with me to share it.

When I arrive in Whistler I head straight to the Nicklaus North Golf Course where I have a 2:00 tee time.


I am all set to walk this course and get my bag situated on a pull cart. Then, the skies begin to look threatening.  It sprinkles.  So disappointed – I really want to walk, but I ask to be put on a riding cart and make my way to the first tee.  Soon I see my playing partners – walking!  They are a couple who are members here – Alan and Andrea. They both convince me to change back to a walking cart…

Notice the umbrella holder – AND all my rain gear laying on top

We get through about 3 holes and then proceed to get dumped on.  Umbrellas go up – rain gear goes on.  Doesn’t last too long.

Homes on this course are incredible

We periodically shed our rain gear and then quickly put it back on.  Fortunately, it is warm today so being wet is not too large of a problem.  Course is immaculate and very playable.


There are a few holes by a large lake where seaplanes take off.  They either go flightseeing or back and forth to Vancouver.  (Rich, remember watching the planes take off from our perch at the Fairmont in Vancouver?)


Finally we hear one rev up the engine and sure enough it glides across the lake to turn and face with the wind for take off.  Brilliant!


Gliding across lake to turn around for take-off
Taking off – just to the right of the flag and barely off the lake



Great scenery, great company, good enough golf – what more could I ask for?

By the end of our round it is getting late – around 7:00 and it is time to finally see and check in at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.  It is just down the road in Whistler Village.


Check in is a breeze – they are waiting for me (lol). The receptionist explains that with my American Express Fine Hotels reservation I have been upgraded to a “View” room (yay!), will receive complimentary breakfast each day and have a $123 food and beverage credit to work on.  Perfect.  Gotta love Amex. (I will also be using my 1 complimentary night through Fairmont President’s Club AND my 2-for 1 golf certificate.) Such a deal.  I drop off my golf clubs and have the rest of my items delivered to my room.

I think we need this florist for Janel and Isam’s wedding…
Love the rooms at the Fairmont
The view of the valley is great!

It is late and I am starving (again).  Tonight I will dine here – too tired to venture out.  The Mallard Lounge sounds like the right kind of place.


I choose a Nectarine Salad with Tomatoes and Burrata.  It is simple and fabulous! A glass of Rose pairs beautifully.


The Chocolate Bar is intriguing, but it will have to wait for another time

This was another full day.  On the way back to my room I poke around a bit and snap a few photos. I can imagine how great this place would be in the winter.  I bet it is packed.



Three nights here should be just right.  I think I can limp along.  Tomorrow I tackle the brutal course at the Chateau Whistler…


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