A Beastly Golf Course!

Monday, August 14, 2017

0 miles (ahhhhhh)

It is a beautiful day in Whistler this morning.  Temps are around 65 and supposed to get up into the 70’s.  Perfect for my first pass at the Chateau Whistler Golf Course.  But first, breakfast.  The buffet at the Wildflower Restaurant is included with my Amex perks.  I am not starving, but since they are offering I decide to pick and choose.  The selection is outstanding.

pastry and bread station
smoothies and infused waters
omelet station

I end up with an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Then I notice the huge hunks of maple glazed ham and the pork belly.  I ask the omelet chef if they are good and he says they are incredible.  Ok, twist my arm.

omg – the pork belly…

Properly caffeinated and fed I ask at the bell desk for a shuttle to the course.  (It is slightly off-property.  I am immediately whisked off in a white BMW to the Chateau Whistler Golf Club.  Wow.

Had to snap a photo while waiting for my ride


Unfortunately, I have to pay for today’s round.  Tomorrow’s is complimentary thanks to the Fairmont President’s Club.  Also this course offers complimentary replay on the same day! Awesome.  Another shuttle (an actual car) whisks me off to the range.  I have never played at  place where you have to take a car to get to the range!  I am the only one there and cannot believe it.

Practice area all to myself!

Today I am paired up with a gentleman from Houston (Jerry) and a pro from this club (Jai).  I come to believe later that Jerry has paid Jai to show him around the course.  I, get to reap this benefit as well.  Good thing, too because this course is a monster.  The greens are especially wicked.



nice wildlife on this hole

I am playing like a dog.  No telling how many balls I lost – most of my bag got cleaned out.  I am sure I lost more balls today than I have in the past YEAR.  The forced carries are eating me alive.  And the greens – fuggedaboutit. I don’t feel too, too bad.  Jerry is playing worse!

At least the scenery is magnificent

We end the round and of course I am ready to go again.  Jerry can’t stand it and phones his wife for permission to play at least nine more with me.  Things are not much better the second time around.  We race around the front nine and continue on.  Then we run into a big backup around hole 13.  Jerry and I both decide we have had enough and cash it in.  This was a very humbling golf day. Do I really have to play here again tomorrow?  Do I have enough balls?

The shuttle carries me back to the hotel where I drown my sorrows at the pool and hot tub area. A poolside Cucumber/Pomegranate Mojito helps with the pain.



It is getting nigh on to dinnertime.  The couple I played with yesterday suggested I go to Alta Bistro in Whistler Village.  Sounds great.  The concierge gives me a map and assures me that “it is very easy to walk there.”  “You can’t miss it.”  Haha – he doesn’t know me and maps…

I venture out and pass by the ski chairlifts.  I bet this place is booming in the winter (it is quite busy right now, too).


The stroll into the village is great.  There are lots of folks out and about and once you get into the actual village there are no cars.  Very vibrant area.

On the way to the village – great walking path
Who knew all this was here?

I stop to consult my map several times.  Somehow I manage to get off course, but then get myself back on track and soon see Alta Bistro.


Alta Bistro prides themselves on locally-sourced ingredients.  I am greeted very warmly by the hostess and bartender/server  and ask to be seated at the bar.


The bartender – Dan – is also my server.  I bug him all night about the drinks he is making, the wine, and everything else.  He is happy to oblige.  Dan suggests the cured Salmon Lox starter and also the Cauliflower Pakosas for a main.  Done.  He is spot on.

The started may not look like much, but it is the perfect beginning.  I added a glass of Cremant from Alsace
Wish I could describe how delicious the Cauliflower Pakosas are!

I had a wonderful dinner at the bistro and was made to feel absolutely welcome.  That is always nice especially when dining alone.

Now I have to try and re-trace my steps to get back to the Fairmont.  Naturally I get lost a few times.  Just when I am beginning to think I need to call the hotel to come find me I see a becon:

Back entrance – thank Heaven

What a great day in Whistler.  I definitely want to return with Rich.  There is a lot to be explored here.  Time for bed – I have to see if I can tackle the beastly Whistler Golf Course again in the morning.


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