Ready to Go Again!

May 1, 2018

We are off to Europe again and this one will be a doozy!  We will be hitting up Northern Ireland, a wee bit of Ireland, and Scotland to golf our heads off during the month of May.  Then we jet over to Barcelona for the BIG WEDDING of Janel and Isam!  Should prove to be a fantastic journey.  We hope that you enjoy following along.

Our route:

First Leg – PHX to LHR

Second Leg – LHR to BHD (Belfast)

The next 4 weeks we will spend traveling and golfing our way through Northern Ireland (with a brief visit to the Republic of Ireland).

Just a wee trek into the Republic of Ireland then back to Nothern Ireland. (For some unknown reason Google Maps will NOT let me embed this map/route.  I am adding a link instead for those of you who are interested.)

A couple more stops in Northern Ireland before catching the ferry to Scotland in Belfast:

Island hopping in Scotland:

Ending our island adventures at the famous Isle of Skye:

A few days messing around on Skye:

Then back to mainland Scotland to finish up:

Finally heading to Barcelona!

To Olot for the wedding festivities:

Back to Barcelona for a couple of days before returning home!!

Hang on – it may prove to be a bumpy ride!


3 thoughts on “Ready to Go Again!

  1. Is there any doubt my girl is a dynamo? We haven’t even taken off yet – very excited to get going! Bring on the champagne!

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