Start the Golfing Insanity

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Golf Day! We have a nice late (9:00am) breakfast this morning since our tee time isn’t until 2:20pm. Today will be a very lazy day. We need it.

Jennifer (our B&B hostess) has cooked us a “Full Irish” breakfast consisting of Free Range Fried Eggs, Irish Sausages, Mushrooms, Broiled Tomato, beans (for Rich only), and both Irish Soda bread (we don’t care for it) and Potato Bread (we LOVE it!). All this was presented after we were faced with yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal and various breads for toasting. It will be a miracle if we can even move after this.



First order of the day is to check our golf clubs and see if they survived the journey. Just like when we traveled to Scotland we packed and shipped our clubs through Ship Sticks. It isn’t cheap, but is so worth it not to have to lug clubs through customs etc and the airports. They picked up our clubs at our home and delivered them to this B&B.

All appears to be good!

Last evening we ate dinner “in town” and didn’t really venture to the seafront so that is on the agenda for early afternoon. It is shaping up to be a gorgeous day. We parked our car (with clubs) at the Ballycastle Golf Course and made the 5 minute walk to the seafront. The Ballycastle Seafront is very nice with little shops and eateries dotted along the wharf and sandy beach.


We are happy strolling along with no plans until we spy this sign:

Mackerel??? Nobody (except Rich) eats mackerel…It is a slightly oily fish with a strong flavor. He absolutely loves it. We walk past. Soon enough it is apparent that we must turn around and just get one little mackerel fillet- just a “snackerel.”


Neither of us can believe how delicious it is! Another great find left to chance.

Tee time (not to be confused with “tea time”) is approaching so we trek back to the course. We are kindly greeted at the pro shop and are given two pull carts for our bags. (only sissies use buggies here)

Prepare yourselves for a LOT of golf photos. Ballycastle Golf Course is extremely photogenic and we can’t help ourselves. We are playing as a twosome sans caddies and therefore are “flying blind.” In some cases, it was impossible to tell where the fairways and/or pins were! That did not deter us – we persevered.

The course winds around ruins of an abbey and a cemetery!

A chip in birdie (sort of – I actually took a mulligan tee shot…)

We both made par on this nasty waaay downhill par 3.  See the teeny flag down there left of the two bunkers?



Speaking of teeny flags – all the flags here were about my height!  It really throws off your perspective.  There were so many times that we thought the pin was much farther than it was because the flag was so short!

We were happy that both of us played fairly well – a good start to our golf journey. Both of us made par on the very long and difficult #17 par 3 – where you tee off on the top of a cliff and shoot down to a tiny pin way below. We deserve a Guiness!


After round pints (the cheapest of the trip so far) at the clubhouse finished off an awesome first round of golf. We both agree that we really liked this course and would love to play it again now that we sort of know the layout.

Plans for dinner are discussed and Yelp is consulted. It is decided to go back into town and eat at Finn Patrick’s pub. Turns out to be a great choice. The place is local, local and our server is super friendly. (We are delighted with all the friendliness we have found here – same as in Scotland and Ireland on our last trip. Service folks in the US could take a lesson). Rich has the fish and chips (massive) and I the Seafood Chowder. I win the Phil Denisuk award…


For the past couple of days Rich has been working on a list of “Most Memorable Meals.” This list is not necessarily the best FOOD – but can be memorable in many other ways. We are enjoying remembering the great times that we have had over the table through the years. Every evening we dig deep and come up with several candidates to add to his growing list. I am going to make a similar list since some of our memorable meals were had when traveling with others (or even alone). Janel, John – maybe you, too can come up with your own list and we can compare for fun.

Back to the B&B for our last night in Ballycastle. Tomorrow is forecast to be another great weather day and we will be off to Rathlin Island for the day and evening.




6 thoughts on “Start the Golfing Insanity

  1. Well don’t start thinking those short pins qualify as a poleie because some members of the committee will seriously object. T

  2. So happy that you noticed the Daddies on the breakfast table. It is that ubiquitous “brown sauce” that the Brits seem to love… We didn’t partake.

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