Another Great Golf Day in Northern Ireland

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Good morning Portrush!


We wake at the Blackrock B&B to an overcast, wet morning.  Does not look promising for golf.  I am up early to try and desperately do some blog catching up.  So as not to wake Rich I sneek out to the Snug (a nice, cozy quiet corner of the house) to do some writing.


We didn’t really have a chance to look around last night, and this morning I am discovering just how beautiful this B&B is.  It is a very special place – we are happy to be staying here.

Breakfast was requested at 8:30 (we made our selections last night and left them in the kitchen for Nicola).  The breakfast room carries out the calm, cozy feeling of the rest of the house.  It is apparent that Nicola is a stickler for details and I love all the little jars and implements she uses on the tables and to serve.

this will be a proper breakfast


Some of you may want to close your eyes for the next photo:


The Breakfast Bap here is absolutely awesome!


After breakfast we waddle out to our car and prepare for a wet round of golf.  Since we never get to golf in the rain we think it might be fun. Haha.

Today’s course is about 15 minutes away – the PortStewart Golf Club. We warm up at the range with a light mist falling.  Not too bad.  When our caddies show up they tell us that they think it will only be wet for about an hour.  We’ll see.


Blue Sky

Actually, the rain stopped and we had beautiful weather for the entire round.  We are starting to think that we are the ones bringing the nice weather.

The course is absolutely stunning and a real privilege to play.  Both our caddies are wonderful and encourage us while we are engaged in match play.

“Just hit it between the dunes.”


In the end, Rich beat me (again) in match play, but we both played a good round.  I am thinking that I may like this course even more than the more celebrated Royal Portrush.



What do you do with this?

After golf we are starving.  Paul (my caddy) told me about a great fish and chips place just walking distance down the beach – Harry’s Shack.  We make the trek only to find it is closed for lunch and dinner has not started.  Not to be deterred, we down a couple pints of Guiness and regroup.


The car got parked back at our B&B and we walked the seaside promenade into town to search out dinner.  First stop was Ramore Wine bar but I didn’t like the atmosphere – kind of barn-like and “cattle-callish.”  We ended up across the street at Neptune and Prawn (where children aren’t allowed…). The menu has an Asian flair and looks kind of interesting.

Two gin and tonics to start.  Tonight I find a gin that I like.  It has sort of a coconut flavor. (wish I had gotten the name.)  One tastes just like another… Rich sticks with Bombay Sapphire.

Love how you get your own little bottle of tonic.  Mine has essence of Elderflower.

The food here pretty good.  Rich has a nice chicken curry, but the star of the show is my duck “burger.”  See for yourself:


During dinner we amuse ourselves by people-watching.  We are both fascinated and perplexed to see how some folks take a nice night out and both end up buried in their cell phones. Maybe we are just getting old, but geez – can’t you talk to each other?

Is this really a date???

It has been another fantastic day in Northern Ireland.  Who says it’s cold and rainy here all the time?  Our weather has been perfect.  Everyday we have watched the forecast.  Everyday it has shown rain/wind.  Everyday we have had sunshine and relatively nice temps.  Let’s see if that holds out.


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