Typical Irish Weather?

Friday May 11, 2018

We knew we had it coming.  When we awaken this morning, the skies are dark.  The wind is howling.  I mean howling.  We are scheduled to golf at 11:00…

But first breakfast in the Vardon room – a pleasant start to what promises to be a very blustery day.


There is a great spread for breakfast with yogurts, fruit, nuts, cereals, fresh juices – you name it.

the cold buffet

Then, you also have an option for a cooked breakfast ordered from your server.  Of course, we both choose to have poached eggs and fresh fish (today’s catch is Place – a flounder like fish).  It is super delicious.  What?  You have never had fish for breakfast?  You are missing out. Just ask my mom about that one.


After breakfast we steel ourselves for our upcoming round at nearby Portsalon Golf Club.  As we make the 20 minute drive we think that our navigation system has been set to find “the most narrow, sheep filled, blind corner, middle of nowhere” route.


When we arrive at the PortSalon Golf Club I can hardly even open my car door because the wind is so strong. Are we really going to try this? You know the answer.

The first tee shot is straight over the left water into a 40mph breeze to the right.  Both of our tee shots are directly right into the next fairway.



We don’t take many photos because we don’t want to completely drench the camera.

notice the grasses bending over backwards

This is ridiculous.  We would turn around, but this course is “out and back.”  Since we have to keep walking we might as well keep playing.  There was a moment when the skies completely opened up and it started HAILING.

Thank Heaven we had “moto-carts” –  motorized push carts that assist you with pulling your clubs.  They have different speeds and an on/off switch.  I learned that you have to make sure to turn your trolley off when you are stopped.  One time I stopped walking to try and write down our scores on my very wet card.  When I looked up my trolley and clubs were gone!  I found them turned over down the fairway…

We did manage to finish all 18 holes.  It wasn’t pretty.  The Guiness and hot soup at the clubhouse almost made up for the torture. We agreed up halve the match  Rich 3.5/linda 1.5


sunny and bright

Naturally, when we finished playing the sun came out, the winds calmed down and it was a beautiful afternoon.  If we had only waited a few hours to tee off… Never again.  I think we both would play in a bit of rain and wind, but this was definitely over the top.  Most of the folks we spoke to said this was very unusual.  How nuts are we?

Dinner tonight will be at the Singing Pub – really in the middle of nowhere.


The Singing Pub has a really great look. However, for a Friday night it was not really hoppin’. We had a good meal and enjoyed our time here, but were ready for more “action.”

Grilled Sea bass was excellent!

Back to Rosapenna to check out the evening’s entertainment.


When we arrived the lounge was hoppin’.  There was a one-man band playing his heart out. Our friends from last night were there in a big family group dancing and carrying on.  We joined in and had a great rest of our evening.


Hoping that tomorrow will bring better weather!


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