“Shane, come back!”

Saturday, May 14, 2018



Good Morning, Rosapenna

Today looks like it will be a beautiful day – much different than yesterday.  Our scheduled 11:00 tee time gives us plenty of room to laze around.  First – breakfast in the Vardon room where we both choose a bit lighter fare than yesterday.  Rich has Wheatabix cereal and one poached egg.  I go with the Irish porridge. (super creamy and delicious)20180512_093738

Today we are playing the premier course at this resort – Sandy Hills Links.  Everyone has warned us that it is very difficult.  We will see.  When I check in at the clubhouse I see our caddies.  My caddy from two days ago (Willie) is waiting for me.  Great.  There is a young kid beside Willie.  Who is he?  Oh.  He is Shane – Rich’s caddy!  I ask him his age and he tells us he is 14. This should be interesting to say the least.

Rich, Willlie and Shane


The course is beautiful with much more elevation than the Old Tom Morris.  Every green is elevated (gets tiring).  We both are shooting well and having a great time.  Well…everyone except Shane:

Are we boring you?

We try to liven things up with the lad by telling him the story of “Shane, come back.”  My golfing friends at home know that when one of us hits a ball that goes sailing the wrong way we all yell “Shane, come back.”  It’s a line from the old movie (Shane) where the final scene has the kid at the door to his home looking dejected as his new buddy, Shane, rides off on his horse.  Seriously.  Take a look at it HERE. (You can scroll forward to 1:58 if you don’t want to watch the entire clip.)

Yep.  Rich’s caddie was a huge help.


Shane helps again

Now Rich will say that he was “handicapped” by his caddy and that is why I won the match.  But truly it was a dogfight. We were all square going into the 18th and I ended up taking the hole.  Match count: Rich 3.5/Linda 2.5.  I am gaining on him. (We did not play a match yesterday in the hail storm!)



After the round we drag ourselves up to the clubhouse for a pint.  We had no lunch and are starving, but it is really too late to eat lunch. (“Don’t eat now or you won’t be hungry later.”) A couple packages of interesting crisps tides us over.

Ballymaloe Relish?  Look it up.

For dinner we will go to Carrigart (5 min away) and the Goose and Gander Pizzeria.  We have passed it on the road a few times and it gets great reviews for wood-fired pizza.


This place has a bar when you first enter and then there is also a pizzeria in the back.  We start at the bar and strike up a great conversation with the barman.  The ice is broken when a patron asks if they have “herbal tea.”  Both barmen roll their eyes at each other and I catch them.  I join with the eye roll and we are instant buddies. (Rich is reminded of a bar in Iceland where there was a sign that said “We don’t serve cocktails.  This is a bar.  Order a f#@king beer!”) The bartender used to be a technical diver welding pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.  Wow!  He has great stories.


Pizza time.  We go into the back room and choose our pizza – Chicken Caesar.





The pizza is amazing.  We consider ordering a second, but think better of the idea.  Instead we opt to head back to the lounge at the hotel and have a nightcap.  Perhaps our friends will be there.

When we arrived in the lounge there was a different one-man band from last evening.  There was also nobody else in the place.  We sat down anyway and listened for a bit.  We finally engaged the musician and started dancing and requesting songs.  As more folks gathered, we felt like we were the evening’s entertainment.  I think we danced more tonight than we have in our 37 years of marriage!

Our friends from last night showed up and we chatted with them for awhile. We kept challenging the musician with various requests.  The most notable one was “You Never Can Tell.”  We really cut a rug on this one. If you have seen Pulp Fiction, then you know the song.  Yes.  Just like THIS.  I am fairly certain that we looked just like John Travolta and Uma Thurman…

We kept making requests and he kept playing as long as we were dancing.  We closed down the place.

Afterwards, Rich had a discussion with the musician regarding his equipment.  Look out – I see a purchase in our future.



One thought on ““Shane, come back!”

  1. Yes, having a tired toddler for a caddy was definitely a handicap. My new rule is that my caddy must be taller than my driver.

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