A Ferry Too Far? (Re-titled by Alan – see comment section)

Monday, May 21, 2018


Today appears to be another rainy one.  We are not too concerned – we will be taking the ferry to Skye and then trying to do a little explore.  We’ll see what the weather will allow.

Jac has prepared another beautiful breakfast table for us and our new British friends.  We talk, laugh and eat together until it is time for all of us to make the short drive to Lochmaddy to catch the 11:30 ferry to Uig in the Isle of Skye.


Jac prepared a beautiful loaf of home made bread this morning for us!

The ferry terminal is very close and not busy at all.  It is an uneventful 2 hour crossing.

to lochmaddy


skye ferry


Occasionally we look out the windows and notice quite a few small waterfalls on some of the small islands that we pass as we get closer to Skye.  Some are really flowing due to the heavy rains.

We are still really way up north. This map is to give some perspective as to where the Isle of Sky is located:


In researching this trip Skye is a name that is frequently mentioned as being an absolutely beautiful island however very touristed.  Sometimes it can feel very crowded.  We are hoping the rainy weather will keep the hoards away.

After disembarkation we set out in our car to try and take a little tour before going to our B&B.  The plan is to make a little circle around the top part of the island.  We set off for Kilt Rock/Mealt Falls and little did we know that cutting across the island would land us smack in the middle of the Quiraing – a stunningly beautiful area where the views are spectacular.




The overcast day may actually have made this area look even better.  There were dozens of waterfalls and running streams.  We walked a bit, but couldn’t hike much due to the muddy conditions and my lack of proper shoes.  (besides, it was COLD).

The road was super winding but there really weren’t many cars (or tour buses) out because of the yicky weather. Their loss.



Seriously, some of this scenery did not even look real.  It just got better and better with every turn.

We finally reached Kilt Rock/Mealt Falls and ventured out briefly for a peek.

Are we having fun, yet?



I am getting tired and cold and have had enough for today.  It is clear that the weather is not going to cooperate.  Let’s pack it in, find our B&B and chill for today.  We will cross our fingers for good weather tomorrow.

Brae Cottage is in Dunvegan on the west side of the island.  There are few roads here so there really is no direct route to get anywhere. But Skye is relatively small – you are not too far away from anything you want to see or do no matter where you stay.

to dunvegan

After a bit of searching and a phone call to the owners we finally find (unmarked) Brae Cottage.  This place is perfect. It is billed as a “self-catering” B&B.  It is a really nice large house with two big living areas, dining area and kitchen that are shared by guests.  There is one bedroom downstairs and three upstairs.  Two share a bath and ours has ensuite.  One of the greatest features is that it has a washer and dryer!!


nice living area


One other couple here is from Canada and there are two others that we haven’t met.  Our room is really nice and I hear a nap calling my name.  I first throw in some laundry and then we both stretch out and immediately pass out for an hour.  Bliss!

Our dinner reservation tonight (I have learned that you really do need reservations around here – places are small) is at the Old School Restaurant, right up the street.


The place is packed and looks like the only game in town.  I am happy we reserved a spot.



Both of us are in a steak mood tonight and order the sirloin.  Dinner is great and just what we wanted.

Today was a good introduction to Skye.  We will have a full day tomorrow to hike and mess around (no golf!).  The Weatherman says forecast looks good. We roll back to our cottage where we fall into bed and don’t have to set the alarm.




4 thoughts on “A Ferry Too Far? (Re-titled by Alan – see comment section)

  1. Now the anticipation is starting. In less than one week until the Spain wedding of Janel and Isam. As much as I know I will enjoy the rest of your travels this week I can’t keep the celebration that is coming out of my head. I feel connected in an odd way because June 2 will be our wedding anniversary too. I hope the “kids” have many happy and wonderful years together. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow!!!! T

  2. No kidding. The anticipation is HUGE! We have been furiously texting with Johnny and Janet in making arrangements for the big meet-up. Janel and Isam are scurrying to put the finishing touches on what promises to be quite the special day(s). We are currently spending our last day in Scotland and will see them all tomorrow! Let’s get this party started!
    Happy Anniversary to Tom and Trish!!
    Happy 37th to us on May 31!!
    Happy wedding to J&I on June 2!!

    Lots to celebrate…

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