Highland Bound

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Last day on Skye and it is a beauty. We want to hit up the Dunvegan Bakery before golfing today and it doesn’t open until 10 – gives us a nice, lazy morning.

Goodbye Brae Cottage

The Dunvegan Bakery is the “oldest bakery on Skye” and already has folks streaming in at the crack of 10. You can smell the bread and pastries from the street. A couple of baps for us (might be our last…) – egg/bacon for Rich and egg/black pudding for me. Black pudding is one of those things you either love, hate or refuse to try. I love it. (Janel, I know you love it too). The bread for the bap is as fresh and light as it gets. Add in a scone and a piece of carrot cake for later and we are ready to hit the road.



My bap is unbelievably delicious. It might be my favorite yet. Rich has to eat his very carefully while driving so I tear it up piece by piece and “hand feed” him. Yum.


We haven’t golfed for a couple of days and I for one am itching to get back on the course. The Isle of Skye Golf club has only 9 holes, but they turn it into 18 by changing the tee box position for each hole on the second 9. Clever. The dude at the pro shop was super friendly and is happy for us to walk up and play.

The golf course has some good views, but is kind of quirky. Neither of us play stellar golf (I play pretty bad), but the day is sunny and we enjoy the round. Rich handily takes over the match.


There is a 2 hour drive ahead of us. We are going to make it to Inverness mostly to break up the long drive to the east coast which is our actual destination.

to inverness

The drive turns out to be an absolutely gorgeous route through the Highlands. I didn’t realize where the route would take us, but at one point we follow a huge lake. When I refer to the map I see that it is Loch Ness. Just at the bottom of Loch Ness we see “Nessie” signs all around: Nessie Hotel, Nessie Pub, Nessie Gift Shop etc. Seems like all the tourists are searching for signs of the Loch Ness Monster. As we drive up the opposite side of the Loch, I keep my eyes pealed for any sightings. Perhaps just a tail?

Upon reaching Inverness we find Ailigean B&B quite easily. The owner (Kath) greets us warmly and also introduces us to her husband, John. You can tell they very proud of their place and shows us all around. It is very nice and has a lot of little touches to make it comfy. We will be very happy here for the night.



When we ask Kath where we should go for dinner she immediately suggests the Waterfront Restaurant and phones them up to make a reservation for us. It is about a 10 minute walk away. Perfect.


The Waterfront has a great local feel to it. We stop at the bar for a pint and engage in conversation with a local gent who is quite friendly (and also getting quite snockered). For dinner we move to a table in the bar area.

Rich orders the lamb (kind of tough) and I have the venison (very yummy).


During dinner we notice a couple of musicians who appear to be setting up in the corner. Could be interesting so we decide to stick around a bit.

There is an accordian player and a guitar player. They are FANTASTIC! Really, we are stunned at how good they are. Turns out we are sitting at a table right beside the accordian player’s family. The mom and sister engage us in conversation and tell us that there are three more members of the group. They are called Ho-Ro and have won several awards. Check out this Youtube Here.

Awesome evening of listening to music. The stroll back to our B&B is pleasant. We hope to get a good night’s sleep, a great breakfast in the morning, and a great start to our trip to the East Coast tomorrow.






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