The Haar

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ok.  Here’s the deal.  I am waaay behind on blog posts.  I just blogstormed two in a row.  If you didn’t read Wednesdays, you can go back and check it out…Sue me.

Nice, quiet night last night. Kath has cooked us a full-on Scottish breakfast this morning, but for some reason we didn’t take any photos. We got to talking to her and the other (Aussie) guests and photos fell by the wayside.

The drive to the East Coast today takes us through more wonderful countryside. We notice huge fields of brilliant yellow and later learn that they are growning Rape for Rapeseed oil.

What is that yellow in the distance?


to peterhead
Our ultimate goal for today is Cruden Bay, but we are taking a suggestion from Ian at our next B&B to make a stop to play golf at Peterhead Golf Club. When we arrive I immediately notice that the car park is not next to the pro shop. It seems I must carry my bag across a long bridge. Not happy about that.



We are on our own at Peterhead – no caddies. Really not needed. This is a pretty straightforward layout. It is quite cool and the wind is strong. Our games were nothing to write home about, but I did manage to take the match.


A bit windy?


Cruden Bay is a short drive away and it isn’t long before we reach Cruden Bay B&B. I emailed them way back in January when the owner (Ian) actually telephoned me. I could tell from that conversation that he would be a character and he doesn’t disappoint. Ian is a great host who owned and ran this place when it was a larger hotel and the only game in town. Due to health problems a few years back he has scaled it down to a B&B where he only rents out a few rooms.

I swear I have seen this same floral pattern at least three or four other times.

Upon check-in Ian asks me about my profession. “Are you an attorney?” We all laugh when we realize he figures I am a lawyer because I have been so thorough in my research and emails to him!

The B&B is directly across the road from Cruden Bay Golf Course. We have awesome views of the course from our windows.


Ian has suggested that we eat at the Golf Course tonight (there really are only a couple of places to eat that are near). He calls and books us a “table with a view.” After chilling for a bit and watching the golfers come and go, we head out for dinner. By the time we get there (5 minute walk) the entire place is fogged in completely and our “view” table looks out over a bed of white! We are told this kind of fog is called “Haar” and it can be troublesome especially during this time of year.

Our “view” table.  I think there is a golf course out there somewhere!

The meal is great, our server (Irene) is a doll and we enjoy the evening despite the fact that we can see literally nothing out the window.

Rich tries a local favorite – Cullen Skink. (not the lizard, but a fish stew)

The temperature has dropped severely due to the haar. We walk back and are certain that tomorrow’s golf will be freezing with limited visibility. The haar has settled in.






2 thoughts on “The Haar

  1. This note sounds like New Jersey. We are fogged in and cold. Our weather keeps bouncing between extreme heat with high humidity to rainy and cold. To spite the weather I’m enjoying the trip.

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