A New Favorite

Friday, May 25, 2018

After expecting the worse (weatherwise), when we look out our window this morning it is clear! We can see golfers on the course. Yay! Our tee time isn’t until late morning and we enjoy watching golfers play several of the holes that are visible from our perch. Wonder how we will do?

Yay!  Looks clear out there!


Ian has prepared us a very nice breakfast served in his sunny breakfast nook overlooking Cruden Bay Golf Course. He comes to sit with us and fills us with stories of guests he has had. He has an especially interesting story regarding the time that “Mr. Kohler” (of Kohler fixtures) came to stay. Ian thought he was a plumber…


We drove our clubs to the course and liked the friendly and welcoming vibe right off the bat. Our caddies were super and we both played well. This course is stunning with views over a beautiful stretch of beach and also of a castle in the distance that is said to have been the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” Mr. Stoker spent many summers here in the local hotel.






The day turned out to be sunny and warm. Who knew? After our round the clubhouse beckoned us to come in for a pint. As we were walking out we caught a glimpse of exactly how welcoming this place is:

How great is this?

It is starting to get late and we really don’t want to drive far for dinner. The decision is made to simply visit the lounge at the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel and have a pub dinner.


It has been a wonderful day. We are looking forward to tomorrow morning when Ian has promised us Stornaway Black Pudding for breakfast. According to him, it is the best.



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