The Beginning of the End

Sunday, May 27, 2018

(I just posted two in a row.  If you haven’t ready Monday, May 26 you can go back and check it out).

This post will be SHORT.  I am scurrying to try and play catch up.

One more shot at Kingsbarns this morning. They have a deal where if you play within 7 days of your first tee time it is 1/2 price.  I can’t pass it up.


The haar is pretty thick this morning.  It is a bit chilly, too.  However we make our way around with a new set of caddies and I still love the course.



I end up barely taking the match so we are all square.  We make a joint decision to end the ongoing battle right here.  (We have one more course to play tomorrow).

After golf we must drive around Edinburgh to North Berwick.  From there we will have a chance to play one more course (North Berwick Golf Club) before driving to the airport in Edinburgh on Tuesday.


A relatively easy couple hours later we arrive at Devine B&B and check in.  North Berwick turns out to be a very delightful little coastal town.  I would like to spend more time there.

It is Sunday evening and getting late to find something for dinner.  We make the 10 minute walk into town and encounter the Puffin Restaurant.  Looks great for tonight.



After dinner when we walk back to the B&B the haar has really settled in.  It actually makes the walk through the park look pretty cool.



We are crossing our fingers for a clear day tomorrow to enjoy our last round of golf for this trip.


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