One More Round!

Monday, May 28, 2018

(once again – I am posting like crazy to catch up.  If you didn’t see Sat or Sun, you can go back to check them out)

When we look out our balcony this morning at Devine B&B we can see the haar has settled in over the village.  It is early and we are hoping it will dissipate before our 11:00 tee time.


Mandy (our host) has prepared a great breakfast for us downstairs.


Off to the course.  As we pull into the parking lot things don’t look good. You can’t even see the first tee through the haar.

There is a golf course out there somewhere.

Nevertheless we go into the clubhouse and chat with the very pleasant starter who informs us that the course is closed due to the haar.  Golfers are milling around, practicing putting etc just hoping for a miracle.

I am crestfallen.

We choose to wait it out.


After about an hour things miraculously start to clear and we are hopeful.  The course does re-open and because so many golfers left, we don’t have long to wait before we can tee off.  Yay!


The weather actually gets better and better.  It turns out to be a beautiful day!  I am so glad we waited.  This course is amazing – we love it!  Last night we had both agreed to call our match even and make today’s match a separate event.  We both play well and are neck and neck.  Rich pulls it out at the end and wins today’s match.




North Berwick is definitely a “must play” course and a great way to finish up the golfing portion of our trip.

When we return to Devine we must pack up our clubs and prepare them for pick-up via Shipsticks.  Many has graciously agreed to store them until they are picked up.

Rich applies his address tag to his bags.  When asked where to send them he replies,  “Send them straight to Hell…”


We are hoping we will see our clubs again…

Dinner tonight is in the local pub – The Ship Inn.  The place is great and the burgers are HUGE.

They are waiting for us


Tomorrow we drive to Edinburgh airport and fly out to Barcelona to meet up with John, Janet, Janel and Isam to start the wedding insanity!


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