Real-Time Update!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Since I am so far behind I wanted to provide a real-time update.  Yes.  We made it to Barcelona.  No.  It was NOT easy.

No photos of the travel day, but here is the synopsis.  We left Edinburgh, Scotland on Tuesday, May 29 in the morning and flew to London Heathrow for our connecting flight to Barcelona.  The plan was to meet up with Johnny in the lounge before boarding our flight to BCN together.  Well…

When we arrived in Heathrow we discovered our flight (and Johnny’s) to Barcelona was cancelled. Great.  To make a long, long story short – we stood in many lines and were finally re-routed to Madrid to connect to Barcelona.  John would have to fend for himself.  We tried to keep in text contact with him and Janel, but our phones were quickly losing power and the charging cords were in our checked luggage…

Got on plane to Madrid and sat on tarmak for at least 1.5 hours.  Got into Madrid late, in all the rush and confusion made a stupid snafu to stand in line for incorrect flight and just barely missed our flight.

Stood in another line for at least 1.5 hours, were directed (stupidly) to baggage to try and locate our luggage (wouldn’t they just send it on to BCN???) were given voucher to hotel and a flight out this morning (5/30).  At midnight we waited in line for hotel shuttle that did not appear so we jumped in a taxi and he didn’t know where the hotel was!  He finally located it.

We got maybe 3 hours sleep before boarding the 4:30am shuttle back to Madrid airport where we managed to catch our flight to BCN.  Found out last night that John waited in Heathrow for 4 hours in line then was put up at a hotel to get a flight out today.  No more contact with him or Janel because we had NO phone power.

Made it to BCN – searched for our luggage.  Waited again.  No luggage.  No idea where it is.  It all has bar codes, but apparently nobody can read them or tell where our bags are.  John has all our formal wear for the big wedding, but we figure his back is floating around purgatory as well  We don’t even have a toothbrush.

Hopped in taxi to meet Janet (hopefully) at our hotel.  Driver doesn’t recognize street.  Neither do we.  He finally dopes it out.  We get there and meet up with Janet. (yay!) John has not been heard from.

Janel has been leaving John messages, but we think he is in the air on his way to Madrid from London to connect to BCN.

We do some cool things here that I will explain later.  Finally connect with John.  He arrives in BCN WITH OUR FORMAL WEAR!!!  He hops in taxi and tells drive address of restaurant where we are waiting.  We all squeal with delight when we see him coming down the sidewalk!

So – we are ALL here at least.  Rich and I have no clothes (except wedding clothes thank Heaven).  Still, we are having a great time with Janel, Isam, John and Janet!

How’s that?






3 thoughts on “Real-Time Update!

  1. Well at least it wasn’t boring. Had a similar experience once only not so complicated but oh man felt so good to get clean underwear and brush teeth. Off to a wonderful start. I’m excited. Can’t wait for the pictures to start rolling in. T

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