Happy 37th Linda and Rich!

Thursday, May 31, 2018 (back-dating the next few posts…)

First full day in Barcelona.  We all finally made it in yesterday.  John had to spend the night in London Tuesday night and we were stuck in Madrid.  Everyone arrived yesterday, but as you know our bags did not.  Fortunately, the big bag with our formal wedding wear came with John and it arrived safe and sound.

Two days without any bags for Rich and me.  We don’t really want to spend our time online or on the phone trying to locate them, but we must.  We don’t really want to spend time shopping for clothes either.

Today is another pamper day (yesterday we all went to the Aire Ancient Baths and loved all the different pools, the cool atmosphere and a one hour massage. (everyone except John). Then we went to the beach for a long paella lunch where John met us directly from the airport.  Mani/Pedi treatments are on the menu for today and Rich has an appointment with the Barbarist – a barber shop where he received a great haircut last year.

The treatments are great and we all get beautified.  Before we meet for lunch Rich and John enjoy an outdoor cafe.



A light lunch of super delicious Catalan omelets is on the menu because tonight is our “Big Night Out” to celebrate our anniversary.  A siesta is also required.

We receive notice that our bags will be delivered tonight supposedly at 8:00!! However, we may be out and our apartment front desk closes up shop at 6:00.  I call the Iberia Baggage (again) explain that the front door will be locked and for the driver to ring our room so we can open it for him.  If we are out there is a number he can call to leave our bags at another location.  We are crossing our fingers.

There is only one problem with going out to a fancy dinner tonight – we have no clothes.  I decide I can wear the dress that I was planning to wear to the night before the wedding at our Family Dinner.  It is packed with our wedding wear in the suitcase that John brought.  Rich is another story.

All he has is the pair of jeans he was wearing on the plane and a long sleeve black t-shirt.  Oh – and his tuxedo that was brought with John. We determine that he should probably go out and shop for a nice pair of pants or even black denim for tonight and perhaps for Family Dinner since it looks like we might not have our bags before leaving for Olot tomorrow.

Rich, John and I head out to the main shopping street and visit Mango – a local department store.  They have plenty of nice looking pants, but of course they are all way too short for Rich.  There are a lot of fancy designer shops on the street and I suggest he duck inside Hugo Boss just in case.  Bingo!  They are super helpful and have a beautiful pair of “Tejanos Negros” (black denim pants) that fit him perfectly.  Those along with a tie and some socks double Rich’s wardrobe.  We are waiting to see what British Airways says when we try to get them to pay for the Hugo Boss jeans. They told us to purchase whatever we needed…

Rich pieces together a very Euro outfit with his new pants, tux vest, black t-shirt and shiny tuxedo shoes.  Looks very cool!

The rest of us get gussied up and Janel and Isam meet us at our place for cava on the terrace.


Tonight’s restaurant is Uma.  I made a hard to get reservation here back in January and have been looking forward to dining there. It does not disappoint.


The menu is a set tasting menu.  All the items are super playful and really delicious.  The entire experience is set up to be fun.  We all love it!

Cotton Candy with foie on a volcano with a shaved truffle/sous vide egg underneath


Love the pillow plates
Pillow with golden “egg” on top
“Stairway to Heaven”

What a fantastic evening!  We closed the place down well after midnight.  This was a great way to celebrate our special anniversary – thank you all for joining us!

Tomorrow we head up to Olot to tie up loose ends for Saturday’s wedding, check into our farmhouse accommodations, meet Isam’s family and enjoy a pre-wedding Family Dinner.

No bags tonight.  No phone call.  No nothing.  We will be leaving at noon tomorrow.  I will deal with all this again in the morning.


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