Golf (?) and Aliens

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Miles: 192

Nice quiet evening at the Comfort Suites.  We both get up, dressed and head to the Fitness Room for a quick workout before breakfast.  (thanks, Rich)  In keeping with our “healthy” meals idea Rich has Raisin Bran and I eat oatmeal for breakfast.  I grab a couple pieces of fruit for the road and we are off.

Today’s plan is to drive a bit and play golf at Cree Meadows in Ruidoso – a New Mexico town in the mountains before finally ending the day in Roswell.  There are several courses there and I found them to be quite pricey when looking online.  Cree was more in keeping with what we have in mind.

las cruces to roswell

The drive to Ruidoso is beautiful and winds through heavily forested mountains.  Who knew? We drove through White Sands National Monument – Rich and Jesse stopped at the Missile Museum there last time he was in the area. Today we did not stop  during the miles of nothingness that is White Sands.

When we reached Ruidoso we found it to be a “cute” town that probably is either a ski destination or a summer home spot for New Mexicans (or both).  Cree Meadows Golf Course is tucked into a neighborhood and is easily located.  Rich notes that on the drive in he spies a green that is in less than stellar condition…

After an easy check-in and a few practice putts, we are off and running.


It is worth it to note that at this point we are still optimistic.

It is immediately apparent that the course needs work.  It is hard to distinguish the “fairways” from the rough.  In fact, we spend minutes every hole searching for our balls IN THE FAIRWAY. Our optimism wanes.

Not only is the course in what you might call “questionable” shape, the layout is super frustrating.  Trees are fine, however the trees here are smack in the middle of the fairways!

Where do you go here?

Of course, we make the best of the situation and have a good time – at least it is not 100+ degrees here.

Cmon – this is the putting green.  Looks like bunkers ON the green!
Fairway, rough or green?  Can’t tell.

This one really takes the cake:


The best part of the course was the snack bar where we eagerly broke our “healthy eating” idea and had a hot dog AND a cookie.


We laughed about the whole ordeal.  Rich declared it the “worst golf course ever” but I reminded him of our trial at Dogwood Hills in Mississippi.  You can read about it HERE.

So – you actually DO get what you pay for.

Onward to Roswell where at least the Aliens are for real.

Sign near Roswell.  Hmmm

Check in to the Candlewood Suites is great – they seem so happy to see us.  We arrive late afternoon and have time to kick back with their complimentary popcorn and a bottle of Viognier that we brought with us. Ahhh – the day is better already (really, the day wasn’t bad  – I am just whining).


Dinner tonight was a walk across the street to Los Cerritos for Mexican fare.  We figured we already blew our “diet” with the hotdog/cookie combo so what the heck.  Rich had enchiladas with fried eggs on top (!) and I had chicken fajitas.  Everything was fine – not exceptional, but ok for tonight.

We already decided that tomorrow we will get back on the wagon.  We will have our Raisin Bran/Oatmeal in the room.  The only problem is that we have no milk and the Candlewood Suites does not serve breakfast.  I finally convince Rich to stop at Denny’s on the way walking back and get a cup of milk to go.  He is reluctant, but agrees anyway.  No problem.  Milk in hand, we are ready to turn in for the night.

Rich happily parades his breakfast into the Candlewood Suites

Tomorrow is strictly a driving day – to Weatherford Texas (which is just as exciting as it sounds).  We will turn on CNN in the car and see what escape our president is up to tomorrow.

Nighty night from Roswell.


2 thoughts on “Golf (?) and Aliens

  1. Was that pink ball in the middle of the brown spot considered a hole in one? Or a brown spot in one? Is there a towel for that? Just askin?

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