Taking a Bite out of Texas

Friday, August 24, 2018

Miles: 427 (whew!)

Long travel day today – mostly caused to a detour.  We were supposed to stop in Witchita Falls, but unbeknownst to us they were sponsoring the “Hotter Than Hell 100” bike ride and there were no rooms to be found.  We ended up re-routing to Weatherford.  Not really a big deal.

We took it easy this morning – woke up later than normal; hit up the gym (Rich is getting used to this!) and had our RB/Oatmeal in the room. We headed out around 10:15am.  There really was no rush since we had no real plans for the evening.

First things first.  My Benz told us that it needed oil.  We stopped at an Auto Zone, but they did not have the right kind.  They directed us to a nearby Jiffy Lube.  The guys there were awesome!  They were super careful with my car and made a fuss about topping up the oil properly.  When they were finished I asked how much?  They said “no charge.”  Seriously?  Seriously.  We tipped both guys well and they didn’t even want to take it.  I hope we made their day.  “Karma, Kramer.”

Onward towards Weatherford (not Witchita Falls…).


Rich did not want to take the interstate so we forced our nav to re-route.  She was not happy, but we were.  The road we took was wonderful.  Straight, no traffic and 75 mph!  Perfect.  Several times we went through cool little towns that looked like they could barely exist.

When we started to get hungry Rich searched for a place in Brownfield which was about an hour away.  We decided that we wanted simple Mexican.  You know, little tacos etc.  He located a place that sounded promising – Pollo Rico.  It had one glowing review about the authenticity especially about their Tortas (Mexican sandwich). Okay.  Let’s give it a whirl.

When we pulled up at Pollo Rico we were not certain it was what we wanted until we saw cars in the parking lot of the tiny cafe.  We are DOWN.

Would you go in here?  You should!

This place was the real deal.  We both ordered the Shredded Chicken Torta and then sat at one of the three booths inside.

Teeny place

When our tortas came out I wished that we would have shared because it was so huge.  Then, after I took my first bite I was glad I had my OWN.  Oh man.  The bread.  So fluffy.  It was stuffed with charcoal broiled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado.  A thing of beauty.  We scarfed them down. And, yes.  they fit in with our healthy eating plan. No heavy sauce.  Kind of like a salad with charbroiled chicken.  Oh.  And the bread.


Rich took over the driving after lunch and rode us through more tiny Texas towns until we finally reached Weatherford and the Econo Lodge.  Don’t judge us.  This Econo Lodge got great review on TripAdvisor.  I can see why.  The proprietor was super friendly.  Our room had been remodeled and had a hard surface floor instead of a nasty old carpet.  Very pleasant. We settled in for a bit with a glass of wine and our tablets.



Friday is pizza night so we find a local shop, phone in an order and Rich picks up our pie.  We enjoy munching pizza while sitting on our bed watching Family Feud.  What?  Was your Friday night more exciting than that?

Driving day tomorrow – we are heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas and are looking forward to settling in a real “home” for a couple of days.



One thought on “Taking a Bite out of Texas

  1. Go up in the tower to really get a view of Hot Springs! Guess you are staying at the Arlington?? Nice pub across the street from the A, can’t remember the name. Enjoy Bath House Row. Love, Dad

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