Heat and Humidity in Hot Springs

Sunday, August 26, 2018

We pause to reflect on the passing of John McCain today.   I remember that his office even helped Janel out of a jam when she lived in Thailand.  He will be missed by many who live in Arizona and all over the country.

It is good to wake in an actual “home” today.  Coffee is brewing and our Raisin Bran/Oatmeal breakfast is at the ready.  When I peek out our window I can see the sunrise over the lake.  I consider walking down to the water, but finally decide to stay in.

Today is a golf day.  We will be playing Granada Golf Course – one of the 9 courses inside this gated community.  When I read about the courses, this one is regarded as the most scenic.  Sounds good.

The pro shop is very welcoming and course looks beautiful.  It also is very, very humid and the grass is wet, wet, wet.  We aren’t in Arizona anymore.




We pull up at the first tee box and Rich lets it rip:

Look how wet it is!

This course is managed by Troon and is very well manicured.  What a difference from Cree Meadows!  It is beautiful with wide fairways, interesting holes and just enough challenge to keep things interesting.



Sizing it up…

Despite the very hot, humid, sticky weather we enjoyed our round here. I played a great front 9 (39) and not as great on the back.  Rich had a so-so front and a great back to put together a pretty good round. I wish we were staying a bit longer in order to try out several of the other courses.

The promise of lunch and a beer await us in town (about 20 minutes away).  Rich already knows a spot from when he and cuz Billy were passing through. We think it is the same spot that my parents and Janet/Eric perched when they were here. Supposedly it is a great spot to people-watch.  Count me in.

Arlington Hotel downtown Hot Springs

The “downtown” area is where the famous early 1900s bathhouses are.  They are still beautiful buildings and some have been re-purposed.  Evidently this area was famous (infamous) in the 1940s as being a place where mobsters came when they needed to get the Feds off their tails.  It has a pretty interesting history.

Rich leads me to the Superior Bathhouse Brewery.  The brewery was vacant for 30 years and then became the first brewery to be inside a National Park and to utilize the thermal waters here to brew their beers. I am hoping for a Catbird Seat and I am not disappointed.


Perfect Perch

We both order a 4-sample beer flight along with lunch (brat for Rich, mushroom panini for me) and kick back to watch the tourists go past.


As we sit we can’t help but notice the business across the street – the sign in their window says “Oxy-Zen” and also “Aqua-Massage.”  We are intrigued. We even look them up on Yelp where they get good reviews for their Oxygen Bar. (It is also a wine/ice cream shop!) After much discussion, we decide we must check it out after lunch.

We cross the street and venture in Oxy-Zen.  Cool interior with a bar, a weird-looking Oxygen Bar and a little windowed room with 2 Aqua Massage chambers.  Should we?  We chat with the proprietor and it doesn’t take much arm twisting to sign us up for 15 minutes of each (water massage/oxygen bar).

Aqua-Massage is first. You have to see it/feel it to believe it.  You lie down on the chamber (fully clothed), put headphones with soothing music on and the attendant instructs you how to change the pressure, stop the massage in any area, and open the chamber.  Then you close your eyes and she shuts the lid.  I could have stayed in there for an hour.


Rich loved it, too.  Where can we get one of these for home use???  Now time for a little O-Two.  We are hooked up to a contraption on the bar with 4 different “flavors” of oxygen to mix/match.  We sit and breathe.


Ok -while this is not an unpleasant activity, neither of us feel more “relaxed, more energy, blah, blah, blah…” Kind of like the Emporer’s New Clothes?  You should try it for yourself.  BUT – the whole experience was well worth it and we were glad that we gave it a shot.  The massage…ahhh.

We did not workout this morning because we had an idea that we would climb the Mountain Tower that Janet had talked about.  Actually, Rich climbed it on his previous visit.  I am skeptical since it is so screaming hot and humid out, but Rich promises that it is “shady.” Right.

We are gonna climb this?

The Mountain Tower is 216 feet to the observation deck.  I did not bother to count the number of stairs.  There IS an elevator, but we hoofed it to the top.  There is a sort of museum at the top that is a nice overview of the history of Hot Springs.  Pretty cool.

Windy up here!

Ok. Ok.  It was worth it to climb all the way to the top. (I took the elevator down – Rich walked). Workout completed.

It has been a full day and we head for home.  The lake and our promised BLT sandwiches await.

Rich’s friend





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