In the DEEP South

Monday, August 28, 2018

Miles: 474

Moving day today.  We do a YouTube workout in our house, enjoy RB/Oatmeal, then pack up and head South.  Deep South.


Our route included some nice “back-road” travel and great Southern scenery.  Very enjoyable.  Rich was driving when we began to think about lunch so it was my duty to find a place.  You might recall that so far he has found the BEST restaurants – our first night at the wine bar in Las Cruces; the super diner in Dahlrock; the awesome torta place in Brownfield… All I have come up with is lame Mexican in Roswell.  I say it is because all I had  to work with was Roswell and well…it is hard to find a great place in Roswell. Today, Louisiana is my oyster and I scour the internet to find a restaurant that will be around an hour away.

BINGO!  I think I found a candidate – The Dock in Lake Providence, LA.  Off we go to check it out.  Make no mistake – this place is deep in the South:



Place looks promising from the outside:


Catfish is their thing here and we set aside our eating plan for this one. We order a basket of catfish fillets (fried of course) to share and a cup of gumbo (because you have to in Louisiana).  I noticed a sign for Fried Green Tomatoes and got all excited, but sadly they were out.

If there was any doubt that we are in the South, the next photo should convince you.  If you don’t understand why, then you need to come down here.


It is really quite pleasant outside so we go out back to the actual dock to await our lunch.  It is idyllic out here:



Catfish arrives:


That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Th!e fish was super fresh and delicious.  The gumbo was amazing – with real okra in it.  This place is legit.  We ate and watched the turtles frolicking in the lake. I think my choice just may have zoomed to the top of the list.



Many more miles to go before we arrive at my beloved Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi. We have been here twice before.  The hotel is really nice and the casino is smoke free!  It is great for a couple day’s diversion.  (You can read about our previous visits HERE and HERE.)

We have a really nice chat with Johnny for the last section of our drive.  It actually causes us to miss a turn, but the detour was probably better than our original route!

We arrive at the Palace and check in.  As we make our way to our room I remark that on our two previous visits we have had views of the parking lot.  We were so pleasantly surprised to see our room for this stay:

Let’s open the drapes
Yes!  It is worth noting that the long, long bridge is the one that Rich jogged all the way across and back on our last visit!

Later on:



Looks like they upgraded us.  Maybe it is because I told them it was our anniversary?

Hey – we can celebrate any time we want.  It’s our anniversary ALL year long!

After a glass of bubbly I am itching to hit up the machines.  Rich knows that he can sometimes be bad luck so he stays in the room watching the US Open (with our champagne) and I go down to the casino.

Got to love the Palace.  It is completely smoke free – very, very unusual for a casino.  I have some pretty good luck with a couple of machines and am feeling good.  Rich and I keep in text contact.  After a nice win, I am ready to eat a little something so Rich joins me and we go to the only place in the casino that is open on a Monday evening – Contact (the Sports Book).  We really don’t want much so a dozen wings seem to do the trick.

Later I drag Rich around the casino and we run into my slot “friend.”  She is a really fun lady who sat beside me at dueling machines when I was winning and she wasn’t.  This time she takes my old machine and I take hers.  After about 3 pulls she wins the $1200 jackpot (on MY machine). (Pam, this is the one I sent you a photo of – super fun!)

We waltz around and play a little longer.



Lady Luck has left the building for me.  And it is also getting late.  We have a tee time tomorrow at the Preserve Golf Club so we call it a night.  Feels good to be back in Mississippi!


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