Stinkin’ Hot (and Humid)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Miles: about 40 (round trip Preserve Golf Club)

Good morning, Biloxi!

We awaken and open the blinds to find a beautiful morning (at first) and then after about 30 min the skies appear to darken. Uh Oh. We have a golf round scheduled for 11:00 am today. Hope it clears up by then.



There is a nice Fitness Room at the Palace so we take the time for a little workout. Feels good to start our day this way and also makes me feel less guilty for the delicious catfish lunch and wing dinner of yesterday. (It is noticeably difficult to eat healthy here – there is soooo much great food here!)

Rich exercises his remote-clicker muscles

A few days ago my car let us know that we were overdue for its 40k service. We called Mercedes of South Mississippi in nearby D’Iberville and made an appointment to drop it off this morning. When we arrived at the dealership we were greeted once again with a good dose of Southern Hospitality. The Service Advisor repeatedely called me “Miss Linda.” Gotta love it down here!

We dumped our car, were given a loaner GLE and went on our way to the Preserve Golf Course. Easy-Peasy.

The swap

Since our tee time isn’t for a while, we have time for breakfast at their restaurant – Sweetwater Bay. There is literally nobody there (the threatening weather?). A table on the veranda overlooking the 18th hole is sweet and we enjoy sitting out while the temperature is actually bearable.

When it is time for us to tee off we are met by the absolute nicest starter I have every met – Jesse Grant. At first glance Mr. Grant appears to have full on “sleeve” tatoos. I can’t help but stare. Oh. Those are actual SLEEVES – not tatoos. They are meant for sun protection and fun. When I comment on them, he asks if I would live a pair. Sure! Mr. Grant goes out to his truck and returns with a pair of “tats” for me. He tells me he has worn them, but that they are washed and I should put them in the dryer to shrink them a little. They are way cool! (no photos today – maybe next time)

Off to the first tee. We have played here before on a previous trip in 2014. You can read about it HERE. As we start to tee off we are a bit concerned that the looming dark skies are coming our way. The cloud cover and spit of rain are helping keep the temps down and the first few holes are not too bad. Because of the rain they have had recently, it is cart path only…


I really wanted to play well today. However, that was certainly not the case. The ground was soggy. I couldn’t make clean contact. I tried to swing harder and faster (always works, right?) The front 9 was brutal to put it mildly. The only good news was that we did not get dumped on by the rain.

As we started the back nine, the clouds lifted and the sun started streaming down. With over 90 degrees and way over 98% humidity AND cart path only, we were wearing out quickly. I actually started off great on the back with 3 pars and 1 bogey. Then the cards ran out.


Thank Heaven we reached the 18th hole!

Now, we play golf in 112% temps. Yes, it is hot. But, it is doabale. However, this is a different beast. OMG the humidity. By the time we got to 18 we were both wiped out. It’s too bad because the Preserve is really a beautiful course and very well maintained. I did not really care. Just get me out of here!

We drop off the loaner and pick up our car. So happy we are done with that. It was really easy to get the service done and not have to change any of our plans. Thank you, Mercedes of Southern Mississippi!

AOnll the way back to the Palace all I am thinking of is hitting the shower and maybe a little nap. ut, when we got back to our room it housekeeping was just starting to clean it. Rich suggested we go downstairs, have a beer and chill. Done.

Of course at the bar there are gaming machines. The one in front of us is a 25 cent Keno and Poker machine. We waste about and hour and $5.00 slowly playing a little of both. (it should be noted that the bartender would have comped our beers, but it had to be domestic only. Neither of us could stomach Budweiser so we purchased our own.)



I feel much better after a nice shower and go down to the casino for a bit before dinner. Rich obliges and understands that my gaming time is limited. I want to make hay while I can. No big wins, but it was fun.

Tonight we are going to have dinner with some old friends who live in Hattiesburg, MS. Rich’s first roommate from Ole Miss – Wayne Dawson – and his wife, Cindy will be joining us. We are looking forward to seeing them again.

Dinner with Wayne and Cindy at the Half Shell Oyster House is great fun. We start with a huge platter of different styles of cooked oysters and a dozen raw ones. Then all of us order grilled Redfish. Everything was delicious.

The four of us had a wonderful time remembering our days at Ole Miss and talking music, kids, and getting older with our friends. It was great to re-connect.


On the drive back to the Palace we looked up and saw an absolutely gorgeous moon. The photo does not even begin to do it justice, but you can get the idea.


I hit up the casino for the last time before joining Rich back in the room. We have a relatively short drive to Carrabelle Florida tomorrow and both of us are looking forward to our next digs – The Stilt House on Carabelle Beach.


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