The Forgotten Coast

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Miles 362

Bye, bye to my beloved Palace.  We manage to sneak in another workout in the fitness room before packing up and moving on.  Breakfast will be somewhere on the road.  Not many miles today (as compared to the last couple of drives) so we don’t leave until late morning.

Today we are driving to Carabelle, Florida.  It is on what has been described online as “The Forgotten Coast.”  We are eager to see what the area has to offer. A supposedly nice Airbnb house has been secured and we are happy to be able to cook again tonight.


Here is a better perspective to see where we will be in the panhandle:

Yes, Dad – it is close to Panama City.  Do you remember way back in 1960-something driving through a horrendous rain storm near Panama city???

We are driving the I-10 today and Rich struggles to find a suitable breakfast spot that is not a chain.  Very tough.  Just when he thinks he found a candidate I spy a billboard for “Dick Russell’s BBQ” that says “open at 6am for breakfast.”  It is located in Tillman Corner – just West of Mobile, AL.  Rich is skeptical, but agrees to give it a try.

A BBQ joint for breakfast???

It is going on 11:00am and there are plenty of cars in the lot.  The smell of BBQ hits you before you even go inside.  I could definitely eat a rib, but we are told that lunch items are not quite ready.  We opt for breakfast instead.  Turned out to be a great choice.


We are immediately presented with a basket of biscuits.  Rich tries one with the homemade peach preserves and nearly faints. The biscuits are nothing short of amazing!  We finally decided that they must use a ton of oil (or lard) in the recipe.  Damn the torpedoes – we must devour. And we do.

The road awaits and we greet it again satisfied and happy.  After a while the skies open up and we enter a downpour.  It is hard to even see the road. Rich expertly guides us through.


As we get closer to our destination we are thinking of what provisions we might need.  Both of us are thinking FISH for dinner.  Rich locates a fish market right in Carrabelle and our nav is set.


Millenders is the real deal.  We end up choosing grouper for tonight.  The proprietor goes in the back to grab a whole one to fillet for us.

He’s a big’un


The grouper fillet and a container of Crab Dip make us very happy.  We also would like a bottle of wine for tonight and maybe some beer for porch-sitting.  I am not sure if you can buy it in the grocery (especially in this town where there is literally nothing around) so I locate the one and only bar/package store – Harry’s.  Let’s just say this was not one of my better picks.

The moment you step into Harry’s you are hit with the reeking aroma of old cigarette smoke.  I mean REEK.  There are some old salts sitting at the bar and a couple of locals feeding $ into a lame-o slot machine.  It seems the “package store” is just a back room.  You have to ask the proprietor to get what you want.

She is very nice, but the selection is limited and the prices high.  We limp along with some beer and a suspect bottle of wine.  I am sorry – I would love to have taken some photos in there, but I was frightened to…

Next stop – the only grocery in town (besides the Dollar General) – IGA.  We find a complete and nice selection of beer/wine there.  Oh well.  A few supplies to get us through the next day are purchased – veggies, pork chops for tomorrow, crackers for the dip, milk, etc.

We are finally ready to see our new place.  When you rent from VRBO or Airbnb you really don’t know for sure what you are getting.  Anyone can take great photos.  However, we have never really been disappointed.  This place looked great in the photos and I am crossing my fingers that it really is as nice as it looks.

Not to worry – very cute house on stilts right on the Gulf!


The inside is super cute:





We drag in our belongings and then head out to the porch to chill:


Does it get any better than this?

Eventually, I feel the need to “work”

Always thinking of my dear readers

The temps have cooled off and there is a nice breeze.  What a fantastic perch!  Rich convinces me to play a digital dice game with him that I already know he will win.  Yep – he wins 3 rounds… Dinnertime is looming and somehow we manage to throw together another great dinner.

The fish, the fish!
I set out the meal of grouper, zucchini, mashed cauliflower and cottage cheese
Rich sets up our “theater”
A happy camper with Golf and Grouper

No big plans for tomorrow except to sleep in.  It is a great time to re-set and relax.


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