Back to the Woods

Sunday, Sept 2, 2018

Miles: ~ 40 round trip to Brooksville

Good morning, Lake Rousseau. Our resident gator makes an up close and personal visit. (I wonder if he ever crawls out of the water into our YARD???)



Today is golf day at one of our old favs – World Woods in Brooksville, FL. Tee time at 9:00 so we get up earlier than we would like, have our RB/O and hit the road for the 30 minute drive.

World Woods is just as pretty as I remember. I will always have a fondness for the 2 courses here – especially Pine Barrens. Hole #3 is the site of my second hole-in-one! You can read about it HERE. Will that happen again today? Hmmm…

We are paired up with two great (young) guys from Tampa – Jesse and Justin. They are hackers like us and help to make our round fun. Jesse actually went to school at ASU so we compare notes about Arizona.



When we get to MY par 3 I am naturally a bit nervous as to what will happen. Well – no fireworks, but I was the only one on the green and did manage to par the hole. Ho, Hum.

My par 3

This course is really beautiful and has several very challenging holes. There is one in particular where you can take a safe route left or carry about 250 yards to go directly at the green (from the boys’ tees). They all three put a safe shot out left and then goad each other into taking a second directly at the hole. Justin nails his and is pin high. Jesse steps up and cranks his just in front of the green. Now it is Rich’s turn. I tell him to swing out of his shoes. He does and ends up in front of the green! Way to go.



Great course. Fun playing partners. Beautiful day. We got lucky.


After the round we visited the clubhouse for a post-round beer. Turns out our timing was perfect today. About 15 minutes after we got it the skies opened up and it started pouring. Golfers began streaming into the clubhouse much to our delight.



The remainder of the afternoon is spent organizing our house since we have to leave tomorrow. There is a much-needed washer/dryer here so I set to work getting us a fresh wardrobe. Rich works on yesterdays blog. We watch US Open Tennis.

Working on the blog for YOU

Dinner tonight is Garlic Chicken Thighs, salad and a mix of yellow squash/zuchinni/mushrooms. Perfect for a chill evening.


We have everything set to hit the road tomorrow and drive 3 hours To meet our friend, Jack in Port St. Lucie for a bit of golf and who knows what else?


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