One Against Two

Tuesday, Sept 4, 2018

Good Morning PGA Village in Port St Lucie

Rich and I get up early to greet the day at the PGA Village.  Looks like Tropical Storm Gordon may ease up for our East Coast today.  We are hoping for no rain.

I assume there is a fitness room here at the condo so we both suit up and head over to the lobby to find it.  Nope.  No fitness room.  What? The receptionist tells us there are several jogging trails. I. Do. Not. Jog. Of course, Rich convinces me to run the 1 mile trail with him.  How hard can it be?

I start out strong, but it is so stinking humid that I am dripping within 5 minutes.  I persevere (and in fact, we ran about 1.25 miles because I missed the turn around).  I alternated between running and fast walking. Rich jogged the entire way.  Nearly killed me. And I thought I was in shape…NOT!

I. Do. Not. Jog.

We return to the condo for showers, RB and Oatmeal before driving the 2 minutes to the hub of the PGA’s courses.  Today we will be playing the Dye course.  It was not my first choice. The other 2 are not available.   We have heard the scuttlebutt that the Dye is a “ball-buster” typical Pete Dye layout.  You may recall that we live on a Pete Dye course and kind of know what we are in for.  Rich says our course is “Pete Dye in his bitter years.”  He is dye-abolical.  Oh well, with Jack and me as partners what could go wrong?

Entering the Cave of Horrors

This place is gorgeous.  It is golf Mecca for sure.  We check in, hit the range for a few and pull up to the starter.  Cards are popped for handicap and off we go for our fierce match play. (Jack told me that if we win I will be allowed to shop in their nicely stocked pro-shop).

Blue skies

The course is absolutely gorgeous.  It is manicured and in perfect condition.  We don’t know how they got it to drain so well since it has had so much rain.  Today we only get a very light few sprinkles.

We are all playing pretty well and agree that the course is not so hard.  It has it’s “Dye” moments, but all in all we thought it was very playable.

My partner hits a beauty!

The match is quite even for a while and then Jack and I slowly pull ahead. Rich hangs tough, but in the end Jack and I came out the victors.

My partner’s got this.  I can relax…

We are all happy when our friends show up:

He wants Rich’s ball.

What a great day on the course.  Afterwards the boys hit up the pub and I make a beeline to the pro shop. (I deserve it, right?) I tried my best to find something to purchase.  I really did. However, I came away empty handed and just joined Rich and Jack in the bar.

Back to the condo for showers and relaxing with Fran and Jack.  We all discuss some of the world’s biggest problems and I think we solved a few.  Just ask us.

Our one decision is where to go for dinner.  We cuss and discuss.  Finally, we all come to the realization that we are in Florida and have yet to see the Atlantic!  We search the internet for a restaurant on the water and come up with Shuckers in Jensen Beach.  Something sounds so familiar about it.  OMG – we all realize that the boys and I stayed on Hutchinson Island (home of Jensen Beach) in 2013 when they rode bikes in Florida.  We ate at Shuckers!  Read about it HERE.

All of us pile into Jack’s beautiful little Mustang convertible and away we go.  Shuckers is the perfect location to get a bit of a “beachy-vibe.”


Rich and I both immediately order Pina Coladas followed by steamed clams and grilled snapper – very beachy!

We all had a wonderful meal with good friends.  How lucky are we?  On the ride back to the condo Jack pops the top on his convertible and we get “air therapy.”  Ahhh

When we pull into the parking lot I open the door on my car to get something out.  When I shut it I notice that Jack and I have “dueling” emblem lights that shine on the asphalt.  Mine is more ostentatious, but his just might be cooler.  Votes?

Dueling emblems
Which one is the coolest?

Another great day in Florida.  Tropical Storm Gordon did not rear his ugly head for us today.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to Jack and Fran to drive 40 minutes south and stay/play at our beloved PGA National Resort.  The golfing marathon has begun.


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