Déjà Vu at PGA National

Thursday, Sept 6, 2018

Why déjà vu? Because we did so many familiar things today. Almost like reliving a day from the past.

Coffee and a short but intense workout to start the day. Linda has a 15 minute routine she does using a cellphone app for cues, while I improvise. I like to start by getting my heart rate up, then do 2-3 minutes of interspersed strength exercises and continued aerobic exercises. My preferred aerobic exercise is of course cycling, and this fitness room has a “Peloton” machine that really works you out. And talk about strength machines! There is a huge single purpose machine for almost every exercise you can think of. Great tunes are blasting too. Kiss Detroit Rock City. Joe Cocker With a Little Help From My Friends. Hoggify…

Working my muscles (say this like Arnold)
Time to cool down
The Bear Trap is the signature #15, #16, and #17 stretch here at PGA National’s Champions Course

Breakfast at the PGA trough. Linda and I discuss the renewed turmoil at the White House and wonder what is becoming of this country.

Buffet shopping
Special photo for Marta
Refuel after our workout

Main activity today is golf on the Palmer Course. Happily, we are paired up with 2 young gentlemen. It’s always better to play in a foursome for pace reasons, and usually it’s more fun too. We meet Sam and Jared on the first tee. Both guys are athletic, but my goodness, you should have seen the guns on Sam. Each of this guy’s arms is as big around as two of my legs put together.

The bridge to The Palmer Course
Stepping up to the 1st
Somewhere in the front 9
Tricky par 3
Obviously a misplaced tree
All over the pin

For fun, Linda and I play a different competitive format today. We’ll play handicapped match play, but in 3 segments, the front 6, middle 6, and back 6.

Sam has some of the highest clubhead speed I’ve ever seen, but of course that can exaggerate errors. He is sometimes finding fairways (well, adjacent ones), but more often finding treetops. Jared is more in control. Comparatively, Linda and I hit the ball considerably shorter but usually down the middle, and we score way better than either of them. Perhaps we’ve shown them something about staying in check. In any case, they were a whole lot of fun to play with.

Linda and I split the front and middle, and nearly halved the decider until Linda dropped a shot at the 17th. This is a good format because it resets throughout the round and we both like it.

Back to the resort’s IBar where we find our longtime bartender friend Mike. It is uncanny how he reminds us so strongly of my beloved cousin Bill. Mike probably can’t figure out why we like him so much. Shared steak sandwich for lunch – delicious. We contemplate going back out for another 18, but the Palmer course is packed, and we already know the Squire is a goopy mess. Nah let’s veg a bit this afternoon.

We watched the Kavanaugh hearings for quite a while, marvelling at what a surprising waste of time and effort they are. Why do we tolerate useless protracted meetings that amount to a big non-disclosure dance and call them ‘confirmation hearings’? Seems quite UnAmerican. No wonder people are protesting. Do we know ANYTHING about Brett Kavanaugh? Not from these hearings.

It’s high time to hit up ‘our’ pool. Linda and I decide we need a BFD (you figure it out) and go first to the poolside bar. We ask the bartender to make pina coladas the size of a basketball. What is it about a poolside perch and a pina colada that go so hand-in-hand?

These two for me, where is Linda’s?

Rains come and go but we don’t mind – it is pretty perfect out here. We play a game of ‘h-o-r-s-e’ on the pool hoop and lounge a couple hours. Then, a couple of spirited games of table tennis. Does it get any better than this?

Just about perfect
In between rains

Well maybe. We decide to return to a longtime favorite restaurant tonight. It is one of Mike Moir’s creations called (Little Moir’s) Leftovers, a place in nearby Jupiter specializing in fresh local fish fixed in fantastically flavorful ways. We’re pleasaed to be seated immediately in our favorite place – at seats facing inward to the kitchen. We like to watch the rock star chefs.

Leftovers Restaurant in Jupiter FL

Shared grouper cheeks with a killer jalapeno sauce starts us off. Then a grilled slab of wahoo with their signature sweet potato crust over all sorts of good leaves, blanched green beans, and grapes. A concert of flavors. Accompanied by really good local craft beers and a not-nearly-as-good local coffeehouse duo.

Grouper cheeks (ridiculously good)
Seats at the kitchen
Sweet potato crusted wahoo over salad

Truly a great restaurant! More golf tomorrow so we go ‘home’ and sleep fast.


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