“Soup Kitchen” Golf

Friday, September 7, 2018

Rain came down heavily last night. That should have tipped us off to what the course conditions would be like today…

Our tee time is a pleasant 10:00am on the Estates course – the offsite course of the PGA National and site of my very first hole-in-one. (Read about it HERE.) We had a good gym workout before another nice buffet breakfast. Then we packed up and drove over to the Estates Course.

It is cart path only. Takes us less than 1 minute to realize why. All of last week’s rain plus the overnight showers have turned this course into “soup.” I have never seen a course so soggy. We are paired up with a couple of really nice older local gents and all of us give it a college try. It soon becomes an almost laughable situation out there. There literally are no dry spots.


Typical lie
Underwater in the bunker

At least we saw our friends:


Oh well. You take what you get. Our playing partners bugged out after 12 holes. Rich and I continued, but it wasn’t pretty. I think we were both glad when it was all over.

Back to the resort and the iBar for a post round beer and an order of Spinach/Artichoke dip (with crab) to share. Mike told us that the customer on the other side of the bar just played the Estates course like we did. The only difference is that he paid $170 for the pleasure to do so. Oh man…

We chilled out for the rest of the afternoon and popped our last bottle of cava for the sunset balcony time.  Neither of us really wanted to go out for dinner so we decided to drop by the iBar and share a roasted chicken.  There was live music from a fantastic duo playing in the lobby and the bar was hoppin’.  We may have even danced a little…

Comfy at our iBar

Tomorrow is our last day of Florida golf.  We will be playing the Squire again and are hoping it doesn’t rain tonight so that the course can dry out a bit.  The alarm is set for 5:30 (yikes) – the plan is to have one last workout in the great facilities here before breakfast and golf.  Goodnight PGA National.


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