Bye-Bye PGA National

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Miles: 236

Last day at PGA National.  It has been a good visit.  We have been a bit disappointed with the course conditions and the fact that there are only 3 of the 5 open for play (also 1 is always members only each day).  But, you can’t do anything about the enormous amount of rain that has been dumped on the place.  We always enjoy it here and feel like it is “our” place.  We’ll be back.

The alarm goes off at 5:30 am in order for us to squeeze in a workout and breakfast before our round.  We both have enjoyed the fantastic facilities here.

We are set to finish on the Squire course today.  This morning we are paired with Rick and Allan – two really fun guys. Turns out Allan is an ex-Pro Hockey player who used to play goalie for the Maple Leafs. He is built like a short tank and can hit the ball a mile.

No big news on the Squire today. Rich and I are having another 6-hole match and he comes out of the gate swinging with pars stacking up. The other guys are impressed (I am, too!) I am slow to warm up today and Rich easily runs away with the match.

See my little buddies in the background?

We were happy to see a group of 4 of our beloved Sandhill Cranes to say goodbye to us as we play our last golf round in Florida.



Sizing each other up

After golf we saddle up and hit the highway for the 3+ hour drive north to St. Augustine. We are hoping to get in early enough to waltz around the town and check it out. I barely remember being there as a child on a family road trip. I know there are several old photos of my brother and I hanging on to the cannons on the old fort there. (Remember that, Mom and Dad?) (Oh – we also were tempted to scoot off the exit to Ormond Beach. I wonder if the Sun Deck Motel is still around? And how about the Quick and Tasty Restaurant where they had sweaters for their customers to borrow?)


I chose our hotel in St. Augustine for its proximity to the old town. We do not want to have to drive OR park there. The Loft at Menorcan Square is a wild card. I know there are only 2 rooms, yet it is not really a B&B (room only). We shall see. It makes me feel better when the owner calls me on the road to ask what time we will be arriving. He wants to help show us where to park. Ok…

For the last part of the drive we scoot over to Highway A1A – the coast road. It goes through a couple of typical Florida beach towns Kinda neat.

Soon enough we are smack in St. Augustine and are directed to the Loft at Menorcan. Sure enough Mike (owner) and his wife are waiting out front for us! They are a super nice couple and are obviously very proud of the restoration they have done on this old, old building. Our room is awesome – quirky and comfy. We love the “hanging” bed.


Janel/Isam – I think a hanging bed would be way cool in your London flat…

Mike told us that we should go next door to Carrera Wine Cellar and get a bottle to sip on while people watching from our streetside balcony. Done.

The wine bar is great. People are welcoming and friendly. They just happen to be having a wine tasting tonight and we are more than happy to join in. We purchase a nice bottle of a dry Riesling to take with us. We also purchase a super French Sparkling Rose – “Haute Couture” – that we sampled. Janet would LOVE it. We will take it back to AZ with us (if it makes it that far).



Thank Heaven the sun is finally going down – it has been super hot and humid.  We take a short while to enjoy our balcony.



We walked along the waterfront and the Castillo de San Marcos (the oldest masonry fort in the US) during sunset on our way to dinner. There were many people out and about enjoying the coolness of having the sun finally setting and enjoying the evening. I took the opportunity to show off my new “tats.”



Dinner at the A1A Ale Works was just about right. We shared the artichoke/crab dip and the lobster/shrimp pasta.


In order to get home we took the route straight through “tourist central.” St. Augustine is a strange place with lots of touristy shops/restaurants and lots of tourists. Not really our kind of place unless you get way off the main drag. Nonetheless, it was a fun one-night visit.

Tomorrow is a “hammer the highway” big drive. We are driving more than 500 miles to place ourselves in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Sleep fast.


3 thoughts on “Bye-Bye PGA National

  1. I don’t know which is best: that wonderful balcony, those tats(?), the Sundeck Motel, or the Quick and Tasty. All special! Mom

  2. I agree,mom-good old memories except for sisters getting in the way too much. As for people watching I expect YOU may have been the subject/target of some watching by all those “tourists”. Tats could be great stuffers.

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