Drive, drive, drive and more drive

Sunday, September 9, 2018


This is it.


With 532 miles to drive today, this is pretty much our entire day.

A stop for late breakfast in a great Southern diner  in Kingsland, Georgia.  Steffens is a fine example of a typical Southern restaurant with all its characters.  We enjoyed listening to the chatter as we ate. Rich wants to introduce the word “Dadgum” to Isam…

This dadgum breakfast is HUGE
Catfish and grits.  For breakfast?  Absolutely!

The miles slowly tick by.  Drive, drive, drive.  Finally we reach our destination – Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  We went through 4 states today!

Dinner at LouRedas was surprisingly great.  The bartender/server was super fun and helped us choose a dozen charbroiled oysters along with a shared brisket/rib plate was just right.

Great oysters!

Tomorrow we head for Nag’s Head, NC and plan to golf in the afternoon.  Yes – we are just in front of another possible hurricane.  It seems like Hurricane Florence is supposed to make landfall on the East Coast sometime later this week.  We are hoping to dodge it.  (Trish – please give us good weather for our visit with you guys!!)



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