One Night Only

Monday, September 10, 2018
Miles: 146

We wake in Rocky Mount and sleepily make our way to the fitness room. (Bless Candlewood Suites – the fitness room shares a space with the FREE laundry room which we partook of last night!) After a breakfast of RB/O the road beckons and we are on our way to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.


Word is that Hurricane is building in the Alantic and is scheduled to hit the coast where we are heading probably on Thursday or Friday. A quick phone call to our VRBO host in Kill Devil Hills, NC reassures us that we should be fine for the couple of days we plan to spend there. Our host does not plan to leave.


First stop – The Pointe Golf Club in Powell’s Pointe, NC just on the west side before crossing the bridge to the Outer Banks. It is hot and humid (surprise!), but we have a good time on this course. The greens have been punched and sanded but I manage to amaze Rich by sinking some very long putts…



Delicious or deadly?

As we approach the end of our round, we join up with a local single playing in front of us. He tells us that there is a “Mandatory Evacuation” of the Outer Banks. ot Hmmm. Maybe we should switch gears. Rich and I cuss and discuss. Our plan was to spend the night, golf a different course tomorrow morning, spend Tuesday night, chill and leave on Wednesday. Now we are thinking that even if the new course is open, it is “across the bridge” back to the inland side and we were told that you can cross to get OUT, but cannot cross back IN.

Ok. Let’s not be stupid here. The decision is made to spend only one night (even if we can’t get a refund), get to our house and look for somewhere to spend the next couple of nights. We will also forgo our upcoming reservation in Rehoboth Beach on Wednesday. It is not really the time to be going to the beach.

A stop for provisions for the evening is made. We visit Austin’s Seafood market and pick up some super fresh Mahi-Mahi. Then on to Fresh Market (Wow, Janet! You were right. Fresh Market is great.) A bottle of white, a couple of sides for our fish and we are done. We are keeping an eye on traffic and it looks like folks are starting to head out of the Outer Banks. (There is only one way in/out).


Our VRBO house is perfect. Super nice and a fantastic view over the sound. I love it and wish we were staying.



Awesome view over the sound

Instead, Rich starts searching for “golf resorts” somewhere between here and Tom’s River, NJ where we will be staying with Trish and Tom on Thursday. He comes up with several choices. A quick phone call later and we are booked for Tuesday and Wednesday at Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York, PA. How bad can it be? (We shall see.)

After scrambling to book our new hotel, cancel Rehoboth and cancel VRBO (our host was more than accommodating and will refund us for tomorrow night), we are finally ready to sit on the end of our dock and chill.


The temp is perfect with a nice breeze. The skies are amazing! We can’t stop snapping photos. I believe I like being on the sound more than being on the ocean side. It is stunningly beautiful and calm.



Cheers to this!

The kitchen in our digs is actually a “kitchenette” and has no stove (only fridge and microwave). I knew that going in and actually packed our electric skillet (thanks Mom and Dad!) Good thing. Rich cooked the fish perfectly and I microwaved the sides. Dinner was outstanding.


We continue to monitor Florence this evening. We are pretty certain we have made the correct decision to outrun the “Cane.” Stay tuned.


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