Running from the “Cane

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Yesterday’s post will be published later today.  But, we wanted you to know that we are getting out of Dodge this morning.  This is what we are running from:


Florence is set to make a direct hit Thursday on where we sit.  Too bad – today is gorgeous outside and we would love to stay.

We will take all our patience as we follow the lemmings across the one way in/out of the Outer Banks to head for safe ground.  More later…


7 thoughts on “Running from the “Cane

  1. I remember riding through these banks all the way down to Ocracoke with Rich and how he said he would like to bring you there because it is so fascinating. The locals live every day with a sense of remote vulnerability and are proud of it. Nothing seems truly permanent there-kind of seat of the pants living on their little special earthspot for as long as they can. They’ve had a few days to watch Florence take aim at them and still only a long couple more till she delivers her blow. I’m sure most will leave just like you were able to witness with one way on/off north and south, something that they have had to consider, contemplate, or fret about because of the pride in their exposure and lifestyle. It must be a slow tedious effort to escape but will hopefully be a welcome return to restart and eventually remember Florence’s riddance.

  2. Alan, remember too our visit onto the beach at Atlantic Beach, NC. That town (and others further south) is set to get the point of the spear, winds over 100 mph.

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