Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Miles: Projected 373/Actual about 500

…….We remember 17 years ago today and our thoughts go out to those who were so deeply and personally affected by the tragedy of 9/11…….



Morning is beautiful at our home in Kill Devil Hills.  Should we really leave?

Beautiful rental house/packing up

The destination for today has been chosen.  We will make our way to Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York, PA.  It is supposed to be about a 6 hour drive.


Getting off the Outer Banks and over the bridge was actually not too bad.  There was traffic, but not really heavy.  I am sure many folks are planning to stay and ride it out.  It became obvious that preparations are well underway to try and protect property.

Over the bridge heading inland

Around lunchtime Rich makes a quick search for a restaurant.  He does not have to search for very long before nailing it with the Virginia Diner in Wakefield.  We later learn that Wakefield touts itself as the “Peanut Capital of the World!”  Who knew?


OMG – our healthy eating plan just flew out the door when we look at the menu.  Rich orders grilled catfish, collards and black-eyed peas with stewed tomatoes.  I can’t resist and order the fried chicken, collards and plain black-eyed peas.  Wow.  Everything was great, but the collard greens may have stolen the show.

Oh baby
Yeah, baby
We wanted to, but we didn’t.  Which would YOU choose?

There are murmurs throughout the restaurant from folks who are fleeing the storm just like us.  Wow – Wakefield is at least 2 hours inland.  Back on the road for smooth sailing up and through Richmond.  Then, the fun STOPS.

We find ourselves just south of D.C. AND Baltimore just at the start of rush hour.  Both of us take turns trying to re-route while consulting Google Maps and seeing lots and lots of RED.  Nightmare.

Looks easy enough from this map – NOT!

Our six hour drive has turned into a 9-hour waiting game.  Not fun.


But, eventually we end up in York at the Heritage Hills Resort.  Whew!  We are pleasantly surprised at how nice the place looks.  It was definitely a last minute pick. (thanks, Rich!!)

The receptionist at the front desk was welcoming.  When she took a look at the rate we got (over the phone last night) she had a shocked look on her face and told us “You’ve been really upgraded!”  I laughed and suggested that was perhaps because we told the phone agent that we were running from the hurricane.  Oh, and that it was our anniversary… Well.  It is – every dadgum day.

When we went to find our room, this is what we saw:


Great room overlooking the course.  Nice amenities including a huge Jacuzzi tub.  Oh yeah .  We deserve this.


Great tub
Of course a tv opposite the tub

Our belongings are dropped and we walk downstairs to Knickers Pub for a bite.  Atmosphere is just ok, but we are really too tired to care.  Since our “diet” it already blown we choose to share a burger and call it a night.


Late tee time tomorrow – hope it doesn’t rain.  We are keeping an eye on the hurricane and now are certain that we made the correct decision to leave.  We hope that it is only a soft hit to the Carolinas.


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