Great Day in PA!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Miles: ZERO

Great sleep last night at the Heritage Hills Resort.  This place is sleepy.  One look out the window leaves me wondering if we are back in Scotland – Haar?  (Read about Haar HERE).  Well, maybe this is just humid fog.

Haar or fog?

Lazy morning here.  Our tee time isn’t until 11:22 so we have made plans to hit up the local gym where hotel guests can visit for no charge.  It is about a 5 minute walk away.  This gym looks like nothing from the outside.  However – it is HUGE on the inside with every kind of weight and machine a gym rat could ever hope for!


Rich checks out the machines while I prepare my usual “free weight” workout.

Getting ready

Back to our room for blogging and an RB/O breakfast before walking out to the foggy, humid course.  


Heritage Hills Golf Course is absolutely beautiful.  It is typical Pennsylvania – woodsy and lush.  We love it.


They have had lots of rain here and it is cart path only.  We get zero roll.  But – we like it anyway.  We end up pairing with John who is a single playing behind us.  This is his home course and he is fun to play with.



Rich kills me in match play today.  He has a great game and mine is meh.  Not to worry -I will get him next time.


super wide fairways (sometimes)

We both really enjoyed playing this different type of course.  I would love to see and play it in the fall when the leaves are changing.


We hang out on Knickers patio after golf and watch other golfers coming in on 18.  It is a great perch to be on “Green or no Green” as we watch the other duffers attempt to cross the water to the green.


Back in our room we make full use of our huge jacuzzi.


Dinner tonight is in the Oak Restaurant within the resort.  We have our choice of tables since the place is almost empty.  A shared plate of PEI Mussels and Steak Frites is just right.  We close down the place.

Beautiful space – no one here
Mussels are fantastic

We take a quick look at the map and make a choice of a golf course on the way to Trish/Tom’s house in NJ for tomorrow.  So excited to see our friends very shortly!

So – did we make the right decision to leave the Outer Banks of North Carolina?  We have NO doubt!



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