Golfing Eagle Ridge and Chilling at Crystal Lake

Friday, September 14, 2018

Miles: 195

After a great night in the Tassini home, we wake refreshed and ready to hit the golf course.  There is only one problem.  It is raining…bummer.

Rich and Trish watching the rain and crossing their fingers

Our tee time isn’t for a couple of hours so we are holding out hope that we will still be able to play.  We spend time relaxing, breakfasting and chatting.

Tom in the Sun Porch


“Rain, rain go away”

When tee time rolls around it is only barely misting and we three give it a thumbs up!  Great decision.  The course is spectacular and as the day goes on the weather holds out for us.




There are 3 nine hole courses here.  Rich and I agree that this is a place we could play every day.  We all had a fantastic time!




We need to be getting on the road, but stop for a quick lunch at the clubhouse with Tom and Trish.


Many thanks to the Tassinis for hosting us at their lovely NJ home.  We look forward to seeing them again in October when they return to Rancho Relaxo WEST in Mesa.

This afternoon we are driving to Rich’s cousin Bill’s lake house on Crystal Lake in Pennsylvania to chill there for a couple of days.


I am very excited to be going to the Lake House.  This place has been in Rich and Bill’s family for a couple of generations.  Their grandfather first pitched a tent here in 1936 after inheriting it.  Bill’s mother and father built a dome home here in the 1980’s and finally Bill took over the property several years ago.

Most all of the family have been there numerous times and I have heard so many stories about life at the “dome home.”  However, it has taken me 38 years to get an invite!  I think I finally made the cut and Bill invited us to come up for a couple of days. Yeah!  I am in the “inner circle.”

When we arrive it is already evening.  This place is absolutely perfect.  I love it immediately.


Crystal Lake is in the middle of the Endless Mountains in PA. It is a beautiful, small lake dotted with only a few homes and has a golf course on one end.  It is just about as idyllic as you can imagine.

crystal lake

We feel like we are On Golden Pond. The evening is spent sitting outside catching up and relaxing.  Bill has pulled out all the stops and treats us like kings.  He pulls out a bottle of Veuve Cliquot (my fave champagne).  This, along with the company, fresh pizza and lamb chops make for a perfect evening.

Bill has wrangled a tee time at the ultra-private Elks Course directly on the lake.  We are looking forward to sitting on Bill’s dock, taking a ride in his boat and hitting the links of Crystal Lake.


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