From Lake to Farm

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Miles: 125

It is a beautiful morning at Crystal Lake.  It is also our last morning.  The opportunity is seized to take a spin around the lake in Bill’s kayaks.




We realize we must tear ourselves away from this paradise and head South to visit Rich’s mom (Marty) in Blue Bell, PA.  I hope we can visit again in the future.

The trip to Blue Bell is an easy 2+ hour drive on the Turnpike.


It is dinnertime at “The Farm” when we arrive and we find Marty in her room.  She is very happy to see us and we end up talking and laughing all evening.  She looks great and is in good spirits today – awesome!

Marty has prepared a “task list” for Rich (I also heard that there is one for me but I have yet to see it…).

Studying the Task List

Even though it is a very difficult thing for her, Marty has continued to paint with watercolors.  We are always amazed at her work. We told her about Tom Tassini’s watercolors and know that the two of them would have a lot to discuss.  I hope Tom gets to see some of her work – Rich will text some to him.

Latest work in progress

It gets late and we haven’t checked in to our hotel in nearby Montgomery yet.  Tomorrow looks to be a busy day at the Farm.  We need to get our rest and keep up our strength!  Goodnight, Marty.



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